Fisherman’s IPA & Full Sail IPA

Today on Silvio Saturday, Silvio reviews a couple of IPAs. One of particular interest to me is the Fisherman’s, as it is a beer local to me. I’ve only reviewed one Fisherman’s before, and friends tell me I need to try more. And with that, I’ll pass the reins to Silvio!

I’m in an IPA kind of mood this week. It’s not shocking, considering they’re my favorite type of beer, but I’ve been locked into a bit of a Colorado/California rut lately. So, for this week’s review I’ve decided to branch out geographically and try two new IPAs from regions of the country I’m not as familiar with – Oregon and Massachusetts.

First up, Oregon’s Full Sail Brewing Company IPA. I’ve heard a lot about the hops in Oregon, so I was excited to check it out. The pour was decent, with a golden but slightly opaque color. It didn’t really have much of a foam head, and while it dissipated pretty quickly, at least it left behind some nice lacing around the top of my glass. The aroma was pretty indistinct, and it smelled like any regular ale.

This “meh” kind of theme carried over into the taste. The beer wasn’t overly hoppy, and in fact had a bit of a wheat taste, similar to the aroma. The aftertaste is interesting, decently bitter with slight citrus notes. I also tasted some malt undertones, but just enough to make it a little sweet on the front without overdoing it. Compared to the Colorado IPAs, which can be a bit too malty, it was a nice touch.

This is pretty much just an average IPA, not bad in any way, but not great in any way either. It checks in at a respectable 6% ABV. I typically look for much more of a hoppy and bitter brew, but this is a decent way to introduce a newbie to the world of IPAs.

Next up, the Cape Ann Brewing Company Fisherman’s IPA, a brew from Josh’s neck of the woods. From the start, this beer was way more impressive and interesting than the Full Sail. It had a great pour, with a huge foam head, lots of carbonation, and a dark amber color. The aroma was distinct – citrus all the way.

The taste was quite unlike any other IPA I’ve had before. It leads with a very malty and sweet flavor to start, but follows with a huge hoppy punch to your taste buds on the aftertaste. This was different than most IPAs I’ve had lately – it wasn’t bitter or too sweet. Instead it came across really smooth, almost creamy, with a lot of yeast at the bottom of my glass. Quite intriguing, this IPA. The ABV is a little on the light side, at 5.5%, but I would definitely recommend trying it out.

So, in summary, two “lite” IPAs, and either would make a great entrée into the world of India Pale Ales. If you’re really into bitter hops, you’re probably going to be a bit turned off by both, but they blend the malts and hops well enough to give them a try.

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