Fritz Briem 1809

I’ve been sick since Friday night. Crappy way to spend the weekend, but I’m on vacation all this week, so no worries! Tonight I had a beer brainstorm scheduled and I wasn’t going to miss it. Turned out that my cold didn’t affect the review too much at all.

My guest tonight is Billy from You can also find Billy on twitter. In addition to being a craft beer geek, he’s a homebrewer who puts out video tips for brewers of all levels. When he’s not involved with beer, Billy is running on trails in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Subscribe to BillyBrew to stay in touch. Many thanks to Billy for joining me tonight!

@BillyBroas: just grabbed my glass and beer. Armed and dangerous!
@Lost_in_Beer: Aight. Let’s rock.
@BillyBroas: Sounds good. Got mine poured and am admiring it right now.
@Lost_in_Beer: Hazy yellowish orange.
@BillyBroas: Yea straw yellow. Hazy. Thin white collar of a head.
@Lost_in_Beer: Mine actually poured with a huge head, despite a very careful pour
@Lost_in_Beer: fast dissipating though. Made a loud fizzing noise.
@BillyBroas: Yea it’s very fizzy. I also have some of the yeast chunks floating around.
@Lost_in_Beer: Is it dark colored? Cuz I’ve got some blackish sediment and black flecks zipping around
@BillyBroas: More grayish but yea you could call i that.
@Lost_in_Beer: So what the hell is a berliner weisse?
@BillyBroas: An under appreciated in my opinion. The northern German style of a wheat beer.
@BillyBroas: So Munich has the hefeweizen, and Berlin has the Berliner Weisse.
@Lost_in_Beer: ahhh interesting! Let us sniff
@BillyBroas: Sour! In a good way.
@Lost_in_Beer: Really? I’m getting citrusy.
@Lost_in_Beer: Granted, I’m sick and smelling through one nostril
@BillyBroas: I do get lemon, so I feel ya.
@BillyBroas: These are tart beers though. You’ll probably get it in the taste.

@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah…it’s got a bit of a bite (not hoppy, tart like you said)
@Lost_in_Beer: Uber carbonated, eh?
@BillyBroas: Sure is. Also has an acidic smell.
@Lost_in_Beer: Reminds me a bit of Orangina. Stingy carbonation. Citrusy.
@BillyBroas: Yea for sure. It has very prickly carbonation and acidity
@BillyBroas: Almost a cider like quality too. Pear or apples.
@BillyBroas: Do you get the tartness?
@Lost_in_Beer: Oh yeah
@Lost_in_Beer: Now is it my cold, or is there not much wheatiness going on here?
@BillyBroas: No I’m with you on that. It’s far different than a hefe
@BillyBroas: No banana or cloves either like they usually have.
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah…none of that “bread” aroma or flavor
@Lost_in_Beer: This stuff sure goes down easy
@BillyBroas: Hell yes it does. So dry and refreshing.
@BillyBroas: I’m trying to restrain myself, but it could easily be gone by now.
@Lost_in_Beer: I’m guessing it’s relatively low ABV
@BillyBroas: Yea seems like it. I’m looking…5%
@BillyBroas: I think they’re usually lower even.
@Lost_in_Beer: Before I got crazy into craft beer, hefeweizen was my “fancy” beer
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s such a good entry beer if you’re new
@BillyBroas: Oh yea. And one of my favorites is by Weihenstephan, who helped brew this beer
@Lost_in_Beer: Yup. Weihenstephan hefe was one of the very first beers I reviewed

@Lost_in_Beer: So summary thoughts?
@BillyBroas: On a hot and muggy Virginia evening this was the perfect beer to drink. So refreshing.
@BillyBroas: I’d like to see more of this style, and this one is great.
@Lost_in_Beer: The beer also goes well on a rainy 63 degree Massachusetts evening
@Lost_in_Beer: Fizzy, citrusy, tart – Not particularly complex, but not boring either
@BillyBroas: Yea I’m really into sour beers right now and this has just the right balance of tartness and those other flavors.
@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve gotta try some more sour beers
@Lost_in_Beer: Any recommendations?
@BillyBroas: You probably get Ommegang up there right?
@BillyBroas: Try Ommegeddon
@BillyBroas: But that’s a big beer. I would like to try more of these ~ 5% sours
@Lost_in_Beer: Ommegang Ommegeddon –> Added to my shopping list.
@BillyBroas: Nice!
@Lost_in_Beer: Thanks for brainstorming with me tonight
@Lost_in_Beer: Great fun!
@BillyBroas: Yea it was great thanks for having me. Hope you feel better. The beer world needs that nose back in working order!
@Lost_in_Beer: HA! Thanks.

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Author: Joshua Dion

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