Magic Hat Blind Faith

Melissa and Johnson

Today we spent the day with our friend Johnson. He made us an awesome mushroom ravioli for lunch. We then went downtown to walk around and window shop. We thought our day was winding down and getting ready to go home, but then we stopped at a HUGE farm stand and picked up stuff to make veggie tacos and decided to stay for dinner. We swung by a public garden (see above picture) and stopped for mid-afternoon ice cream too. Great times all day.

Johnson, by the way, is not only a close friend, but also the creator of my graphics.

Magic Hat Blind Faith

While helping Johnson make dinner I cracked open a bottle of Magic Hat Blind Faith. It’s an IPA, which I believe is some kind of limited series. Johnson isn’t a big beer drinker: he happened to have this one beer in the house. I lucked out in that I have never reviewed the Blind Faith before.

Magic Hat Blind Faith

The brew is a relatively mild IPA. 6.2% ABV. Unsure of what the International Bitter Units (IBU) is.

It’s a burnt orange color and is quite hazy. The initial picture shows head, but don’t let it fool you. There was very little, and it rapidly disappeared into nothingness.

Magic Hat Blind Faith

Although smelling citrusy, the main hop flavor I was getting was flowery. There might have been some grapefruit flavors in there, but muted if at all. The hoppy flavor lingers for a long time in the aftertaste.

I let the beer warm up a bit, as it was bitter when stone cold. As it warmed, it got slightly less bitter. Generally speaking it was hoppy, but not overkill. I enjoyed it and I think you will if you are either a hop-head or a person who don’t “the bitter” in moderation.

Magic Hat Blind Faith

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Author: Joshua Dion

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5 thoughts on “Magic Hat Blind Faith”

  1. Ha. I just had this one 2 nights ago as well, it was part of their Summer variety-pack, and from what I can tell it is a limited-release type of thing.

    I'm just getting into IPAs, so I don't have a huge frame of reference for comparison, but I have to agree with what you've said about the beer. Its not over-the-top hoppy, and its definitely better when its warmed up a bit. Overall, a nice beer from VT!

  2. I feel like there's a zero percent chance I'll ever see this beer in Los Angeles, but if I do I'll try to roll it into our next IPA tasting. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Someone commented on the LIBA Facebook page and said this isn't limited release and the beer has been around for a long time. It sure appears that way from the yellow part of the label. *shrug*


  4. For me it was the highlight of the lackluster Magic Hat Summer variety pack. I felt this beer was solid for its style (English IPA). The other beers in the pack were: #9, which I generally don't mind, Wacko which has no taste and a bizzare color (a pinkish mess), and their Summer 2010 Odd Notion which is a hideous ginger ale.

    I don't know if they will continue to brew Blind Faith regularly after this variety pack. It appears they are going to rotate different IPA's in their Fall and Winter variety packs.

  5. It's an old beer they used to make and retired. They're bringing it back as part of their IPA tour or something like that. It's a limited release now. The next one in that series is another one they retired, HiPA.

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