Nashoba Valley Belgian Double

Nashoba Valley Belgian DoubleTonight I’m getting back to the Nashoba Valley brews that I have thus far failed to review in a “series” as promised. Sorry, I suck at doing a blog series. As a recap, I was surprised at how good the first two Nashoba brews were. The Wattaquadoc Wheat was spicy and lemony. The Imperial Stout was chocolaty and smooth. How will the Double size up? Let this highly important scientific research commence.

Nashoba Valley Belgian Double

My first impression is: “Waa waa” *fail noise* Really lousy head on the beer. Virtually no smell. I even poured it into a much wider mouth (highball) class to see if that helped. No dice folks. I’m already feeling negative about this adventure.

The brew has a lot of body; thick and smooth. It’s malty sweet. Kinda caramely. Reviewers over at Beer Advocate consistently call out dark fruits (plum, cherry, raisin, etc). I would definitely expect those flavors from a double. I have to be honest and say I’m not picking those flavors up AT ALL.

As the beer warms the alcohol really starts coming through, but not in a particularly good way. No idea what the ABV is.

I suppose I was due for a let-down given how much I had liked the previous two from Nashoba. They get a bye with the Double.

Nashoba Valley Belgian Double

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Author: Joshua Dion

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