Nashoba Valley Imperial Stout

Lovely night in the Lost household. The wife is sick. Perfect timing for our vacation which starts after work tomorrow. Given how easily I get sick, I’m sure I’m next and it will eat up our whole vaca. #frigginawesome Think positive though, right? notgonnagetsick notgonnagetsick For the time being it’s playing into my hand. The wife sleeps on the couch while I get to play video games and drink beer.

Man! It hardly seems like it was March when I picked up this mixed sixpack of beers from Nashoba Valley Brewery. I’m hoping they held out OK over the last 3 months.

Over the next week or so you’ll see all three beers reviewed. For tonight, it’s the Imperial Stout.

The stout smells wonderful. Chocolate is the primary aroma. It’s got a sexy little head on it too. I actually poured very conservatively and still wound up with healthy head.

I’m on the fence as far as the flavor goes. Relatively heavy carbonation is mixing with bitter, bitter flavors and isn’t agreeing with me. I’m going to go make some popcorn while I wait for the beer to warm.


We eat organic popcorn. Popped on the stove.


Super easy and delicious. Topped with nutritional yeast, which is a great substitute for butter.


This beer DEFINITELY mellows out as it warms. I highly recommend waiting ~10 minutes before drinking. Oddly enough, it also feels like the carbonation went WAY down. The beer is malty sweet and smooth now. Quite good! In fact, it’s going down quick now. Chocolaty with a hint of toffee. I bet this would make an excellent beer float.

One Nashoba brew down. So far so good!

P.S. Although I waited until my review was done to dig in, the beer goes pretty well with this popcorn!

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Author: Joshua Dion

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