Nashoba Valley Wattaquadoc Wheat

Nashoba Valley Wattaquadoc Wheat

I’ve been on vacation all week, and it’s now winding down. We’ve been surprisingly busy all week. Today we’re taking advantage of a day off with no plans. The wife is napping on the couch and I’m doing a rare mid-afternoon beer review.

Tomorrow is the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston. I’m volunteering at the 1:00pm session. I hope I can run into some of my readers while I’m working. Also looking forward to meeting some new people!

Nashoba Valley Wattaquadoc Wheat

I’m finally getting back to reviewing the brews from Nashoba Valley that I promised to do earlier this week. This afternoon I’m cracking open a Wattaquadoc Wheat, which is a hefeweizen. The beer is named after the road that the brewery is on: Wattaquadoc Hill Road.

Nashoba Valley Wattaquadoc Wheat

Wattaquadoc has the typical banana aroma I get from wheaty, spicy beers. It also has some clove smell to it.

The beer is a color I can only describe as dirty orange. There was a good head on it, but it fizzled right away. The beer has a heavy carbonation which probably forced the head to die.

The beer has a spicy citrusy flavor. Lemon is the main flavor. It’s quite tasty, and the lemon mixes well with the spice. The carbonation is a bit over-done, but that’s my only complaint. Another good brew from Nashoba.

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