Olde Burnside Tenpenny Ale & Brasserie D’achouffe La Chouffe

Tonight we had some friends over for dinner. I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a GIANT double review. Yes, yes…I’m getting away from the Nashoba Valley Brewery reviews that I claimed I was starting a series on. Never mind that.

Tonight I also broke out the Beer Journal from 33beers.com (as referenced in my Father’s Day gifts post). Yes, using this journal is highly beer-douchey, but I have to admit it was a little fun.

We first broke out this GIANT 1/2 gallon jug of Ten Penny Ale brewed by Olde Burnside Brewing. They are local to New England, brewing out of East Hartford, CT.

My co-reviewer tonight was my friend Mike. He’s very much a beer reviewing novice, and a perfect drinking companion in that right. I’m always trying to “get back to my roots” and think about beer the way I did before I started the blog; reviewing with someone like Mike always achieves that end.

We thought that Ten Penny was malty. I was picking up caramel flavors. Mike thought that there was a distinct floral flavor. The brew was generally well balanced, with an equal amount of sweetness and bitterness. Guessing at ABV I said 5% and Mike guessed 5.5%. He was right on the button.

Before I move on, I should mention that the Ten Penny Ale came as a gift from my friend Josh. Many thanks bud!

As Mike and I discussed the various flavors of beer, he asked what “spice” really meant in a beer. I told him we’d have to try something spicy next if he was up for it. A little later, out came the La Chouffe, which was yet another gift, this time courtesy my buddy Al.

As with many Belgians, the immediate aroma I got reminded me of bananas. I’ve never had a Belgian that tasted like banana, but they almost always smell that way to me. The aroma is spicy too. Mike picked up on a bready character also.

We thought long and hard about the flavor. The beer changes a lot as it warms, which made our analysis even more difficult. We came to the agreement that it closely reminded us of a spicy apple cider.

After finishing off the 1/2 gallon of Ten Penny, followed by 1Pt 9oz of 8% La Chouffe we needed some time to chill. Mike and I hung out for a long while talking about beer and other geeky things. Great times!

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

5 thoughts on “Olde Burnside Tenpenny Ale & Brasserie D’achouffe La Chouffe”

  1. Mmmm, La Chouffe. One of my favorites. Did you enjoy it? I like to savor these kinds of beers over a longer session just so I can get that different flavor as they warm up to cellar temp. Makes it sort of an adventure for me.

  2. As for the 33beers notepad. That's pretty sweet. I think if you use it for yourself as a reminder of how you felt about a beer, that is NON-douchey. However, using it for bragging rights or a trophy would be more towards douchery. To each their own, though. With my memory, I should probably get one of these.

  3. I never really did summarize. Mike and I liked both beers. I liked the La Chouffe the most. And yes, the La Chouffe changes a lot as it warms, very cool

    And crap…I mentioned Josh's gift, but forgot you gave me the La Chouffe! *scurrying off to edit post*


  4. The banana aroma and sometimes flavor comes from the Belgian yeast. The yeast can also add a spicy character to it as well. It's really amazing what those little buggers can do.

    And there is nothing douchey about taking notes on a beer. In fact, many consider it a good idea. It helps you remember what you liked about the beer, especially if you compare it to similar beers.

  5. I take notes all the time. It's the little book ESPECIALLY for it that I (and others) have called out as douchey. Our opinion though.


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