Oskar Blues Brewery Gubna Imperial Pale Ale

Last night we had dinner at a friend’s house and then played some card games. I’m lacking creativity, so no amusing stories or anything. Today I’m off to a friend’s housewarming party and I need to go get ready, so I’ll let Silvio take the wheel for this week’s episode of Silvio Saturday.

In last week’s craft beer tweetup recap I mentioned the Oskar Blues Brewery Gubna Imperial Pale Ale. I tried this incredibly hoppy beer and absolutely loved it, but it was the final of several beers I had that night and I was a bit too buzzed to review at the time.

However, I promised I’d review it soon and was able to find it on my latest beer run, so it’s my pleasure to drink this fine ale for all of your reading pleasure :)

Make no mistake – everything about this beer is strong. It weighs in at an impressive 10% ABV, has a pungent (in a good way) hoppy smell, and a golden clear color. The beer also pours a thick foamy head that evaporated pretty quickly, revealing a nice bit of carbonation below it.
The first taste is literally a hops explosion. It’s so hoppy that I’d call it stanky, so fragrant and full of hops flavor that it reminded me a bit like perfume. What makes this beer different though, is the lack of bitterness with the hops. But this beer is way more complex than just hops. It blends into a spicy middle flavor after the initial hops wear off, and finishes with a sweet malty aftertaste.

This is an awesome beer. I love the hoppy flavor and think it combines really well with the slight malt undertones. Josh’s current beer poll asks if beer in a can tastes different than beer in a bottle, and considering the Gubna comes in a can, I’d have to say yes it does! You probably won’t be able to drink too many of these in a row, not only because of the high ABV but also because it costs $4 a can (ouch), but I would absolutely recommend trying the Gubna if you can find it.

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Author: Silvio

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