Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Samuel Adams Summer

I feel like it has been forever since I posted a beer review myself. It kinda has (5 days?). Completely unacceptable. Don’t worry, I’m flogging myself right now to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I have so much to catch you all up on. I’ll give you the abridged version:

Saturday: American Craft Beer Festival in Boston. I volunteered, ended up pouring for Schmaltz Brewing (reps were the best) and Bear Republic (rep was a major douche bag). Had a ridiculously awesome time. Met lots of people. Sadly not able to take pictures.

Sunday: Spent by the pool at the in-laws. Beautiful weather for my last day of vacation. That night we went to Sean & Kerry’s for dinner and beer reviews. I reviewed two beers that night. Will post those reviews later this week.

Monday-20 minutes ago: Work, School, Work, Poker, Work, School

Now: “Got” a haircut (see below). Grilled cheese with tomato for dinner. Sucking down Sammy A’s Summer. Watching the Andromeda Strain. Sitting on the couch in basketball shorts (no underwear…you can’t wear em with basketball shorts) and no shirt. Sexy, eh?

Moving onto the Sammy, I gotta say that I’ve been a fan of this stuff for a long time. It’s just a really great drinking beer. Loved it before I got into craft beer, and love it now.

Samuel Adams Summer

They say that the beer is brewed with a “historic brewing spice called Grains of Paradise”. For YEARS I thought this was some kind of goofy marketing gimmick. Guess what? Totally not the case. Aframomum melegueta (better known as Grains of Paradise) is in the ginger family and when ground gives a peppery flavor. Pretty interesting shit.

Samuel Adams Summer

I’m drinking this out of a bottle. Some beers are OK to be drank this way. This one definitely is. It’s a wheaty tasting beer. It’s brewed with lemon zest, which absolutely comes through in the flavor. At first you get that peppery flavor, but after a couple of these the lemon starts to take over.

Being one of only a few beers I drink a lot of, I can say that Sammy does a great job of staying consistent with this brew. Consistently excellent.

I’m off to the fridge to grab another.

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