Allagash Black

Bud Light and Belgian WhiteAs mentioned earlier today, we spent our day in New Hampshire at a 4th of July party. Pool and BBQ were the highlights. I chugged away on a few easy drinkers pictured above. Great fun.

Tear Jerker Snow Cone

I also got the pleasure of having a Tear Jerker Snow Cone from the ice cream truck. Despite having a ton of kids at the party, I was the only one to start sprinting when that obnoxious music could be heard out on the street.

You see, where I grew up in Vermont there are no ice cream trucks. I know…what kind of a place doesn’t have the ice cream truck? In any event, every time a truck is near I run like a 10 year old.

Allagash Black

Moving beyond my tragic ice-cream-truck-less childhood…

Tonight I’m REALLY excited to try this Allagash Black. This puppy is yet another birthday gift from back in April. Many thanks to whichever friend gave me this one.

Before I even dig in, I’m completely boggled. Belgian AND a stout? WHA WHA WHA?

The aroma has me off track already. Three big whiffs and I’m still confused. I think I’m picking up on the Belgian aspects (wheaty?), but I almost feel like there is some incredibly faint chocolate notes. I should probably take a second to boast about drinking from my beer-douchey Allagash glass. I picked it up this past May during our trip to Portland.

Allagash Black

I let the beer warm up for 10-15 minutes. In my opinion, big beer requires big warm-up time. And this beer is big…or at least ridiculously complex. MUCH more of the stout characteristics are present in the flavor (versus Belgian). I can’t even describe what is going on in my mouth. A little sweet. A lot more bitter. Chocolate? Coffee? Toffee? A little of that “burnt” flavor? I have no idea.

It’s 7.5% ABV. I’ll be honest: I think it tastes more like 10%. Smooooooth. Just absolutely delicious.

If you’re about to crack a bottle of this stuff, be very gentle on the pour. If you’re not, you’ll piss off the yeast and end up with a huge head. You’ll then have to wait 2.5 years (the half-life of Allagash Black head) before you can drink from the glass.

As I now finish up the review, I’ve been sipping away for half an hour. Before I sign off and finish enjoying the rest of the bottle, I have to make one more observation. I’m about 63.4% sure I’m tasting some kind of citrus in the background. Wacky!

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Author: Joshua Dion

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