Baladin Nora

This evening me and my little brother spent a couple hours washing and polishing my car. I’ve talked about my baby before, although I don’t recall the last time I did. I don’t recall the last time I posted pictures of her either, so here you go. Spic and Span!

306 horse. 3.8 Liter. V6. RWD. She moves. I love her.

Baladin Nora

Now it’s time to relax with a different gal: Nora. Nora is classified as a spiced/herby beer. Brewed in Italy. 99% sure this was a April Bday gift from our friends Kevin & Emily.

It’s light and hazy yellow in color. The whole beer has me confused. I can’t identify the smell. I can’t identify the flavor. Mysterious!!! It’s a little sweet and a little hoppy at first. Warmed up, there is zilch in the hops department. That said, it isn’t overkill on sweetness. Despite being an herbed beer, it is absolutely nothing like the last herbed beer I had.

Baladin Nora

Despite not being able to figure out anything about the beer, I can say that it is thoroughly yummy. I tore through the entire 1 pint 9 ounce bottle in an hour with no problems.

I drank and reviewed tonight while playing Scattergories with the wife and my little brother. Check out the hilarious answers my 17 year old brother put down:
Costume – “Igloo”
Leisure Activity – “Gathering Grapes”
Herb or Spice – “Granola Grains”
Cooking Term – “Ready Freddy”

Baladin Nora

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10 thoughts on “Baladin Nora”

  1. Awesome answers.

    I look at this bottle everytime i go beer shopping, and have yet to take it home. Maybe one day.

  2. I'm intrigued by this beer. There aren't a ton of good Italian craft beers that I know of, so based on that rarity alone I would give this a try.

  3. Oh by the way – is that the first generation of the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, before Hyundai branded both the Genesis sedan and coupe with their own logo? So it has that random quasi-logo on it?

    I remember the sedan had some Bentley-esque wings on the back or something. So random, I wonder why Hyundai didn't brand the Genesises (Genesi?) right away… they though people would be scared off by the Hyundai name?

  4. I re-badged her. Added sedan wing logos imported from Korean. Also dropped the "Genesis" and "3.8" badges from the rear.

    I think it looks a hell of a lot sleeker. It also leaves people completely confused about what I am driving. I love seeing people crank their heads or take pictures with their cell phone camera trying to figure it out.

    And yes, this is douchey behavior. I've never had a toy for a car. I've always had responsible, safe cars. When I get into the Geni, I turn into a 16 year old kid. :)


  5. So did you do that detailing yourself or did you have it done somewhere? I love that concept. But I also worry about the remnants of the badges leaving dents or marks, no?

    I always think it's much cooler to remove the car name and model info, and potentially replace logos to customize… it's a little detail but it makes a BIG impact on the car's perception, as you can attest to with your baffled onlookers.

  6. Royce:

    I did it myself after obtaining some advice from internet forums. The debadging did leave some ghostly (light) looking scratch marks in the clearcoat. I buffed them 100% out.


  7. Love your car. Also was wicked confused about what the hell it was until I read this string. You're fun, like your car.

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