Belhaven Wee Heavy

Like Ice Cube once said: today was a good day. Unlike Mr. Cube, my definition of a good day was defined by staying busy at work and getting rewarded for some stuff I’ve been working on for a number of weeks. I will say that there was “No barking from the dogs, no smog”. On top of that I “had to stop at a red light” and “looking in my mirror [there was] not a jacker in sight”. A very good day indeed.

I’m wrapping the evening up with a bottle of Belhaven Wee Heavy. It’s a Scottish ale. This is my first ever Belhaven brew. They are out of Scotland, which seems pretty appropriate given the beer style.

This puppy is a dark, dark mahogany color. Flavors and aroma match the color well – dark fruit. I’m going to say raisins. More than raisins, you get a thick sweetness which reminds me of brown sugar. Don’t expect any hops or bitter with this one.

The label calls for sipping and savoring. I’d agree. Good beer.

Author: Joshua Dion

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7 thoughts on “Belhaven Wee Heavy”

  1. I like Belhaven a lot, especially their Scottish Ale. I always hear the Wee Heavy is really good but haven't tried it yet. Will remember to do so when I next see it.

    Can you break this beer down for me a little more? How heavy is it, and how smooth is it?

  2. Royce:

    Smooth and heavy actually. Pretty minimal carbonation. I feel like it gets a lot of body from how sugary it is.


  3. I just bought a bottle of the Wee Heavy last week and am saving it to try with my brother. Belhaven is an interesting brewery for me. They make some really good brews, and some that are just rather subpar. Their Twisted Thistle IPA is indeed much lighter and far less hoppy than the traditional American style IPA…which in truth…can sometimes be rather welcome, and I love my IPA's!

    Let us know when you get a chance to try that one out. I'm going to have give the Wee Heavy a go here pretty soon now 😉


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