Bells Lager of the Lakes

Bells Lager of the LakesThis morning I went for a 20 minute run with the wife, which was the extent of what I wanted to get done today. Well, except for the guest review I’m doing for DailyBeerReview later this afternoon. Let the vegging begin! Below, Silvio hooks us up with another excellent guest review.

I totally got caught up in the holiday weekend. I got out of work early and went out for happy hour with wifey and a few friends to watch the Uruguay vs. Ghana game, and all of a sudden I was several beers into the evening. Slightly buzzed and nowhere near home is…nowhere good when I remembered it was time for Silvio Saturday. Good thing I was able to grab a taxi and had a brew left over from my last beer store run. So up on tap, Bell’s Lager of the Lake.

I’ve tried Bell’s before, and was quite happy with my selection. This version poured out a nice amber color, reminiscent of a typical lager. Unfortunately the foam head was pretty nonexistent and left little lacing, which was surprising considering how much carbonation was in my glass. The smell was interesting – I detected lots of hops.

Bells Lager of the Lakes

The hoppiess didn’t really pull through into the flavor and I was surprised at how malty this beer was. I expected a wheaty or hoppy taste, but I got lots of bitterness to start, and a serious malted middle flavor. Even more interesting, the hops turned into a nice hoppy end. There’s no real aftertaste, but I was left with an overall even-flavored brew.

This beer is way more interesting than your standard lager, and definitely has aspects reminiscent of an IPA. With a 5.0% ABV, it packs a bit of a punch and goes down smooth. I’d definitely recommend trying this brew for an interesting experience.

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Author: Silvio

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