Boreale Rousse

Boreale RousseTonight we went to a dinner party that our friends Adam and Elina put on. Elina is a blogger who runs HealthyandSane. I’ll get to details about the dinner shortly.

As I walked in the door, Adam offered me a Boreale Rousse – a beer he picked up in Montreal when he and Elina were up there on vacation recently. Try a beer that I’ve never seen? ABSOLUTELY!

Boreale Rousse

Boreale Rousse is a red ale. It was a light red color and had little head. It was low in carbonation, which made for a nice long smooth and creamy finish. The flavor was a balanced mix of malty and bitter. Overall, an interesting spin on a red ale and was more mild than many reds I have tried.

Dinner came from b.good. b.good serves high quality fast food. This was the first time I had ever had food from this joint.

As you can see, we were showered with burgers.

There was also a giant (mostly) delicious salad. “Mostly” because it was covered in chicken, making it a non-starter for us vegetarians. Everything except the meat looked good. I will say that the veggie burger I had was pretty good.

There was also a large platter of sweet potato fries (not pictured). Finally, smoothies rounded the meal out.

Good times, good beer, good people. Great night!

You can read more about our evening over at Elina’s blog.

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

6 thoughts on “Boreale Rousse”

  1. my manfriend would love reading about the beers on here. i see allagash black mentioned which is a favorite of his! he works for the beverage industry so we have beers and non alcoholic bevs flying in and out of the apartment left and right!

  2. "Megabrooke":

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found me. I do recall reading about how Elina ran into you.

    Sounds like your manfriend is living the life. I wish my job lent to my off-hours hobby. :)


  3. P.S. Are you folks in the Boston area? My wife and I would love to meet you and your beer-loving buddy sometime.


  4. The Boreale Rouse looks interesting. I love me a good red ale. Is it a Canada-only distribution, do you know?

    Also are those a bunch of sliders, or full-sized burgers? Either way they made me super hungry… remind me not to read your blogs with food photos at lunchtime.

  5. Royce:

    I don't know if they distribute in the states. I've never seen this stuff in MA.

    They were somewhere between sliders and full burgers. I ate two…could have eaten three.

    I'm hungry now too!


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