Dogfish Head Olde School

Dogfish Head Olde SchoolThere was a lack of beer reviewing last night, as I was busy losing money in poker games to friends. We play once a month and I’m on one hell of a cold streak. Busted out first in both tourneys last night. That never happens. Stupid cards. I’m practicing my game for our trip to Vegas in August. In the same vein, today I was learning how to play craps. After I’m done this review I’m researching craps strategies. I’d like to hear from you though…

What’s the best way to make your gambling budget last while in Vegas?

Dogfish Head Olde School

When I was deciding what to drink tonight, I randomly grabbed a bottle from my stash. I was stoked when I recognized the neon colored cap as a Dogfish Head brew. I’ve reviewed a large number of Dogfish Head offerings and with the exception of 1 or 2 styles, they always blow my mind.

Twitter hype leading up to this review indicated that I’m in for a treat. One particular quote from the reading machine and beer lover jchristie was: “Prepare to be kicked square in the tastebuds”.


Dogfish Head Olde School

This is one big-bad barley wine! 15% ABV.

Smells of dark fruit…specifically raisins.

I was warned of how sweet the beer is, and indeed it is sweet. For me, it’s just the right amount of sweet. It completely and utterly masks the alcohol. Scary. WAAAAAAAY late in the aftertaste I’m getting that boozy warm sensation.

Dark fruit is in the flavor, but not as dominant as the smell suggests. It’s drowned out by the sweetness: caramel or maybe brown sugar?

This brew goes down slow and smooth. A real treat, and yet another home run from DFH.

According to the bottle, the brew ages well. This bottle is from 2009 – I don’t know when in 2009 it was bottled. Seeing as I don’t have a 2010 bottle to compare with, I can’t really say how much aging changed the flavors. Someday I’ll be patient enough to age some beer.

Dogfish Head Olde School

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Author: Joshua Dion

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