East African Tusker

East African Tusker

Tonight was the last night of my summer business law course. The class ran short so my buddy Shayne and I hit up Armsby Abbey in Worcester for a beer. I ended up having Pretty Things Field Mouse and Haverhill Berliner Weiss. The Mouse was well balanced. It started off sweet and ran a nice gambit finishing slightly bitter. I though it was just OK, which surprised me because lots of folks at the tweetup last weekend were raving over it.

The Haverhill brew was sick (as in awesome). Berliner Weiss is my new found summer love. It really started with the Fritz Briem 1809 I brainstormed over a few weeks back. I re-tried the Dogfish Festina Peche this past weekend and reflected on my review from last year – although I had just started blogging at the time, I really hit it on the head. In any event, I just love the light fizzy sourness of the Berliner Weiss.

Too bad I don’t have any more of this style on deck.

East African Tusker

Instead, tonight’s beer for review was selected by my wife. I called her on my way home and asked her to chill a beer of her choice. She’s very nervous about her selection. Honestly though, how could she go wrong with all the delicious beer I have on deck?

East African Tusker

As you know by now, I wound up with the Tusker. Love the name. I’m finding myself saying TUSKER in a loud voice over and over. It’s fun!

It pours uber golden. Coors Light golden. I was fully expecting something similar to Kingfisher, Singha, or other foreign lagers of that ilk. Tusker is brewed out of Kenya.

While the brew is light in flavor, it isn’t quite equivalent to the above examples. I found it thicker and smoother with much more malt. Still drinkable, going down quick. It gets zero credit for uniqueness. It’s still a relatively boring lager. It is, however, the first beer I’ve had that is from Africa, so it gets newness points there.

Decent beer. If I were at an African restaurant I’d definitely order it again. You won’t find it in my fridge at home though.
East African Tusker

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2 thoughts on “East African Tusker”

  1. Interesting story behind the name. 'Tusker' is what the large male elephants are called. A Tusker killed George Hurst who was one of the brewery founders and so this beer is named in his memory. Makes me think the beer is named for the elephant's memory though. Maybe they should have named it 'George' instead!

  2. Glad we could enjoy some beers at Armsby! I learned that the Berliner Weiss is definitely an acquired taste. Enjoy your MBA-free summer!

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