Narragansett Lager

Narragansett Lager

We had our friend Johnson over tonight for dinner. Johnson runs Jonathan Graphics and in addition to being a great friend, is the creator of my logo and website banner. After dinner he suggested that we go out for a movie. We decided to go and we saw Inception. HOLY CRAP – YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. I shall not say a word more…it’s that good.

Now it’s 10:45 and way past my bedtime. I promised myself I’d review this ‘Gansett tonight, and damn-it…I’m gonna do it.

I picked up a sixer of this puppy this past weekend. I plowed through three of them on Saturday night. Love these tall-boy pint-cans.

‘Gansett is a New England treat brewed in Rhode Island. It’s intended to be an easy drinking American lager and play in the macro brewery market (i.e. take on Bud). And it is quite a bit tastier than Bud or Coors. Two things set it apart from those other beers:

1. Body. It’s surprisingly thick in your mouth (“that’s what she said”, right?). Not watery at all.

2. Aftertaste. I find that macro lagers have a bitter metallic aftertaste. Narragansett finishes SUPER smooth, malty and creamy.

And you can’t beat the price either. They basically give this stuff away. Although I only buy Coors or Bud Light on occasion, I may have just found a replacement for them!

Narragansett Lager

On one final note, my wife (now working on her new business from home) decided to take pictures of our dog in each place he decided to lay down today. I’d say “sleep”, but apparently most of the time he just lays there and stares at Melissa.

We’re also going to play the “one of these things doesn’t belong” game with the pictures. Looks for the picture that is out of place.

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13 thoughts on “Narragansett Lager”

  1. I love me some Gansett. It is like Pabst, except tastier and I don't have to be listening to Arcade Fire to enjoy it.

    Have you tried their bock or porter yet? Good stuff.

  2. I had thought 'gansett wasn't yet brewed here in RI again. They are working on it, but I think it is still being contract brewed in Rochester. There is work to get a place near the old brewery in Cranston to brew beer for kegging only though. Last I heard, they are still working on that though.

  3. I don't expect 'Gansett to be brewed in RI for quite some time with the economy the way it is (though with property values down, it might be easier for them). It's definitely being brewed in Rochester still, with the exception of the Bock and the Porter (those are brewed at Cottrell in CT by Sean Larkin from Trinity).

    The Bock is my favorite of their beers. They have a new Oktoberfest coming out this year (also to be brewed in Rochester).

  4. I agree that they have don a good job of rebranding the beer and it is pretty tasty. The above comments are right; the beer is brewed at High Falls Brewing in Rochester, NY. They are good brewers and make some pretty clean beers. If you can find the Bock or Porter; those are brewed in Rhode Island and Connecticut (Cottrell Brewing) in very small batches.

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