Nashoba Valley Bolt 117

Nashoba Valley Bolt 117Thank God it’s Friday people! Man, this week at work kinda sucked. Could have been worst I suppose. Not a whole lot planned for the weekend. ZERO plans for Saturday. Virtually no plans for Sunday. I have a lot I want to get done with the blog, so this should give me a good chance to work on it.

Tonight I’m drinking a bottle of Nashoba Valley Bolt 117 which, according to Beer Advocate, is an American Pale Lager.

The first thing I noted about the beer was the “full on double rainbow” head. Fluffy. Sexy. Leaves a nice lacing.

It’s got a lagery color. A pale yellowish amber color. It’s got a lot going on in terms of flavor. Starts off sweet with some honey. When the brew is stone cold, it finishes with a hoppy flowery/herby flavor. That goes away as the beer warms and your tongue gets acclimated.

Overall a pretty decent beer. Not sure I’d be in a hurry to run back to Nashoba Winery and Brewery to pick up a six pack.

Nashoba Valley Bolt 117

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Author: Joshua Dion

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