Samuel Smith Strawberry, Raspberry, and Cherry

Tonight I did some work on the LIBA Facebook page. I added two features:
* The welcome landing page
* A tab with links to my latest blog posts.

What do you think? Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?

My other goal for tonight is attempting an epic challenge, which I may regret. I have these three Samuel Smith fruity beers: Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry and I’m going to try all three in one evening.

7:30pm – I’m starting off with the Strawberry.

It’s DAMN sweet. I already think I’m in trouble. Do I drink the whole bottle before moving on, or taste just a little and move onto the next bottle.

This beer is hardly a beer. Tastes like wine cooler. One of my old favorite beers is Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde. This is nothing like that beer. Strawberry blonde is primary beer. This Samuel Smith is primarily strawberry.

It tastes syrupy. That said, Samuel Smith uses real fruit juice to make this beer (not flavor extract). Zero carbonation in the beer even further separates it from a beer.

It’s overwhelmingly sweet and not my cup of tea. The rest of this bottle is going back into the fridge.

8:00pm – Break time. Popcorn to cleanse the pallet?

8:15pm – Pouring the Raspberry brew.

Smells fantastically awful; medicinal and uber-strong fruit smell. Taste is the same. Dear God, it’s bad. Indescribable. The medicinal aroma takes over and dominates. At least with the Strawberry I got half way through a pint. This stuff…down the drain.

8:19pm – It’s Cherry time.

Starting off better than the previous two. Pretty looking head and a decent smell. Super cherryish, but not medicinal at all. Smells like a delicious cherry pie.

Not bad flavor-wise. Like the last two, the brew is way too sweet, even for me. This one is like drinking cherry pie filling. Although better than the first two, I simply can’t finish this.

8:40pm – I tap out. Too much sweet for one night.

I have had these beers sitting around since February. Tell me: Is it possible that they were aged too long and had become overly sweet?

P.S. LOOK! A picture of my cat that lives under the bed and only comes out at night. #Random!

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

4 thoughts on “Samuel Smith Strawberry, Raspberry, and Cherry”

  1. Since your wife adores beer so much, you should have taken her opinion on these. Sweet and fruity and non-beerlike may have been right on target.

  2. I had her try the strawberry. Her comment was "Would be good, if it didn't taste like beer".

    Clearly, I thought they tasted nothing like beer. I think she's nuts sometimes.


  3. My wife hates beer, but liked the strawberry, didn't like the raspberry.

    She's real strange about beers. Loves Festina Peche, which I would be the last thing I'd expect her to enjoy.

    Maybe it's hops she doesn't like. Maybe she's just a crazy redhead (my wife I'm talking about here, but yours may fit the bill too!).


  4. Well…. at least you gave it the old college try. And in defense of Anonymous' wife up above – the Festina Peche is pretty darn good.

    My girlfriend also can't stand hops, but she likes a lot of other beers in a (seemingly) random way. She will usually go for a good white ale – try the Allagash White, Hitachino Nest White Ale, or the Alaskan White for example.

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