Shipyard Barley Wine

Earlier tonight I was bottling beer down at Deja Brew, a local brew-your-own-beer shop. This is the second time I’ve brewed there. The first time was back in February. In Feb. we brewed a white, a porter, a bock and a blueberry.

A few of the guys having a chuckle over free beer samples

Pizza joint next door = tons of pizza for dinner

Bottling madness!
This go-around 6 different beers were made:
* Hop Face IPA
* Bassalope (English Pale Ale)
* Deja Fest (Oktoberfest)
* Drunken Monk Ale (Belgian Ale)
* Deja Brau Amber Pale
* Czech Mate Pilsner

I brought home two of each type, and will be reviewing them over the coming weeks.

Fast forward a few hours, back at the ranch….

Shipyard Barley Wine

Coming off of last night’s spectacular barley wine experience, I was feeling like trying another one.

Shipyard Barley Wine is part of a signature series, which is really just a line of “big” beers from Shipyard. I picked up the entire 4-pack series at the brewery.

Shipyard Barley Wine

Smells fairly similar to last night’s brew. Raisiny.

Taste is significantly different. I’ll leave last night’s beer in the past for now, as I don’t want to pit the two beers against each other.

At 8.5% ABV, this is a mild barley wine. Most I’ve tried are above 10%.

Shipyard Barley Wine

Taste wise, there is a lot going on. Burnt flavor is my immediate thought. Flavors bounce back and fourth between bitter and malty too. According to the label, this one has lots of different hops and malts added. This is definitely creating the complexity of flavor.

Shipyard Barley Wine

In summary, it’s quite good. I like the idea of a barley wine with a little less punch but still lots of complexity.

Shipyard Barley Wine

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Author: Joshua Dion

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