Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

Shipyard Blue Fin Stout
I’ve had a completely unproductive day. That goes for work as well as home. Well, it wasn’t COMPLETELY unproductive. #1: What work I had to get done, I definitely got done. #2: I worked out after dinner. #3: I started compiling photos for the collage. TONS of photos are showing up in my inbox already. As I told people on Twitter: this is going to be epic. If you haven’t sent a picture of yourself enjoying your favorite summertime beer, please do so.

Without further ado, let’s wrangle ourselves a Blue Fin.

Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

I picked this stuff up back in May when we visited the Shipyard brewery.

Before even taking a sip, I’m on a rollercoaster of beer-emotions.
Up: Color is pretty. Something about this makes it slightly different than many like it…thicker maybe.
Down: Despite a vigorous pour, I get only a thin layer of head. WTF man?
Up: Smells strongly of sweet coffee. MMMMM!

More theme-park action in the flavor.
Down: Bitter to start – more than I like.
Up: Mouthfeel is good. Vaguely bubbly.
Up (again!): Coming toward the finish, coffee makes a strong appearance. Sweet, just like the aroma. Reminds me of Nips candy.
Down: Finishes almost as bitter as it started.

Up, down, up, down. A surprisingly complex beer. I’ll probably never buy this again in a bottle. I would seriously consider getting it on tap.

Shipyard Blue Fin Stout

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Author: Joshua Dion

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