Sierra Nevada Summerfest

As I mentioned last night, I don’t have a damn thing going on today. Thus, I don’t have a witty introduction into today’s guest post from Silvio. I do have this exciting piece of news: Silvio is passing through my area next month and we’re finally going to meet. I fully expect to do some in-person beer brainstorming with him. Expect quality results. Over to you Silvio…

It’s still crazy hot in D.C., and I’m still sweaty and cranky when I get home, so it must be time for me to continue the summer seasonal thread with a new summer brew. This week I’m going to try Sierra Nevada Summerfest – it comes recommended by a few friends, and I’m a big fan of other Sierra Nevada brews.

The pour is pretty standard, just a touch of foam on top and a little carbonation. The color is a typical pilsner-style clear golden hue. However, the aroma is where this brew gets interesting and makes me think it’s going to be better than expected. To start, it just smells like an average pilsner, but there’s lots of complexities behind the initial aroma. I detect malts and spicy undertones…yum.

Taste-wise, this is above average but not exceptional. Think about two steps up from your standard pilsner macrobrew. It starts off a little bitter, but transitions into a nice malt finish. There are some citrusy undertones going on, too, probably most like lemon or grapefruit but I can’t really distinguish between the two. It definitely gets sweeter as it sits out and adjusts to room temperature and the bitterness changes a bit into a hoppy finish. The aftertaste gets a little bitter and hangs around, but it’s not so harsh that it ruins the overall flavor.

All in all, this is a solid if unspectacular summer beer. The 5.0% ABV means you’d be able to plow through a few of these at a barbeque without any real problems. I wouldn’t pick the Summerfest over other summer brews I’ve tried, but I definitely wouldn’t turn one down.

Author: Silvio

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