St. John’s Island Hopping IPA

This weekend we started out having nothing for plans. I spent Saturday cleaning house. Saturday evening we went to our friends Kevin & Emily’s house. Sunday we hung out with the in-laws, spending much of the time half-asleep on a pool float.

On Saturday night I brought a bottle of St. John’s Island Hopping IPA with me and reviewed it. I picked this beer up on our trip to the Shipyard Brewery back in May. This beer is contract-brewed by Shipyard.

The brew is a mild, mild IPA. It’s malty and grapefruity, and ends up being well balanced. For anyone who has never tried an IPA, this would be a GREAT place to start.

I was HIGHLY surprised to see that it was 6.2% ABV. The stuff goes down like it’s ABV is in the 4’s, making it dangerously delicious!

I’ve been turned off from IPAs for awhile and this beer may bring me back to trying more of the style. What are some other mild IPAs that I might like?

Group photo’s courtesy of my wife. She had downed a couple of margaritas and decided it was photo-time. :)

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

4 thoughts on “St. John’s Island Hopping IPA”

  1. I know of some good mild IPAs but off the top of my head they aren't coming to me… will get back to you. But I agree with you on the style.

    I actually had a fantastic pale ale in the bar the other day but don't remember the name. Have to find that too.

  2. If you want mild IPA's, I recommend going with English style IPA's. They tend to tone down the hops and bump up the malts a bit more, bringing a nicer balance in my opinion that doesn't hit hard like the hop-core IPA's out there. I am a big fan of the Left Hand 400lb Monkey to be honest. A good one.

  3. Mr. hero:

    Although I haven't reviewed it formally, I've had the Monkey and I loved it. Good stuff.

    I'll be searching for some English style IPAs.


  4. I recently had the Island Hoppin' IPA when I was in St. Thomas and was very surprised by it. I wish I could find it somewhere in the Midwest.

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