Troegs HopBack Amber Ale

Give BloodTonight I donated blood to the Red Cross. I’m a regular donor. I feel like I have the red stuff that someone needs, so why not donate it? You get some snacks (mandatory) and a T-shirt (if you desire) out of out of the deal and I don’t ever feel woozy or sick afterward. Today I tried something new: a double red cell donation. This is different from a regular donation in that they take twice the red cells, but pump your blood plasma, blood platelets, and some saline back into you. It’s limited to men with certain blood types. The blood goes to cancer patients who need red blood cells very badly. PLUS, even though the needle is smaller, you get an upgraded bandage for some reason. Look how bad-ass I am with my red bandage!

Troegs HopBack Amber Ale

A few hours have gone by since I donated, so I’m OK to move onto some liquid deliciousness. Troegs HopBack Amber Ale is where it is at tonight.

It’s got a pretty sweet looking foam lacing on the glass, which is really getting me stoked to drink it. It smells grapefruity, and the bottle portrays hops, so I am worried that it will be overly bitter/hoppy.

Troegs HopBack Amber Ale

After the first sip, my worries have melted away. Sure, it starts grapefruity and bitter. Like my worries, the bitter melts into sweet caramel. Malty and smooth as it finishes. If I had more than one of these, I’d probably be on my second by now. Instead, I have to savor it. Good thing I suppose…it packs a sneaky 6% ABV which tastes more like 5 (or even less!).

Overall, it’s an extremely well balanced beer. Whether you like sweet beers or bitter beers, I think you’ll find something about this one that you’ll enjoy.
Give Blood

I was trying to look mean in my bandage, but all I can think of when I see the picture is: “They’re always after me lucky charms!”. #fail

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12 thoughts on “Troegs HopBack Amber Ale”

  1. I really wish more people would give blood. It's such a simple way to help out other people. Unfortunately I am unable to donate anymore after being hospitalized back in 1996. I used to give despite negative reactions. Here is the short version if anyone cares.

    Lost, that new technique with the red bandage is so bad ass that I might call up the Blood Center and ask if I can come out of retirement.

  2. Nice way to reward yourself for doing something good for others. I really wish I could get my hand on Troegs out here in Denver, I have not been able to locate it. I've been on an amber kick lately and this seems right up my alley.

  3. The t-shirt with the sticker reminds me of the t-shirt from years ago that read- "Give Blood, Play Hockey". Awesome reward for the big double red cell donation. The HopBack is one of my favorite beers, and i love that I always forget that it has that sweetness (sometimes I love forgetting).

  4. I should clarify on the t-shirt. The Bruins T in the picture is my own purchase ($5 at Marshalls!). I declined the Red Sox Ts the Red Cross were giving away. I don't need any more T-shirts.


  5. Troegs is an awesome brewery. I haven't had anything from them I didn't like.

    Do you know which blood types can do that special donation? I used to donate when I was in high school and college, but haven't in a long time.

  6. Jim:

    I don't exactly recall. There were only three. Maybe O-, A-, and B+? I'm A- so that's for sure. The others I don't remember for sure. You could try googling.


  7. Hmmm… thought it was O+ only that could give double reds. Must have been wrong. That is what I give when I go in. It also makes it so I only have to go in every 16 weeks. Convenient for me and good for them.

  8. I didnt mean that you got the t-shirt you are wearing from the blood drive, but that I thought it was a humorous combination of sticker and T-Shirt. maybe the red cross should look into a t-shirt with the bruins for next year.

  9. I did some googling and I came up with the following:

    "Double red cell donors must be type O, type A negative or type B negative and meet the minimum blood volume requirements determined by height, weight and hematocrit (blood iron levels)."


  10. I gave blood once and almost passed out. And I wouldn't admit it — until my white face gave it away and I had to lie there in the blood truck until I got my color back!

    I LOVED this beer when I had it a few weeks ago. This makes me want to go and buy a six-pack! :)

  11. Y'know, the only time I've enjoyed the adult beverages after giving blood, I ended up fainting. Not passing out, but full-on up one second down the next fainting.

    Of course, three or four drinks in a couple of hours probably didn't help.

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