Bar Harbor Thunder Hole

Bar Harbor Thunder HoleWhen the Beerlyweds contacted me requesting to do a guest post I was quite excited. The back and forth review style makes for interesting reading. They provided us a good intro so I don’t have to. Without further babbling I turn the reins over to the Beerlyweds.

Hi, we’re the Beerlyweds. Married on St. Patrick’s Day in 2007 we share a common love for craft beer. Our own review blog is slowly coming together but we took this opportunity to put in our two cents on a local Maine brew for our friend “Lost”. We both have our own opinions on the matter so you’ll find comments split between H/W (husband and wife). We’ll try to get through this without any lover’s quarrels.

Thanks for reading. Cheers from the Beerlyweds!

Thunder hole Ale is a brown ale, 5% ABV and was a gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships. The beer has a deep amber color, Although dark it is very clear, no cloudiness to speak of. Pour did not produce a head. Beer is very flat in appearance, there are bubbles and appears to be very lightly carbonated.

H: The Nose is Sweet, smells malty, no significant sign of hops in the aroma
W: I pick up an almost smokey or roasted smell.

H: Taste is very crisp, slight spiciness possibly from the hops. Malty but mellow. This is not as sweet as I expected based on the smell. Slight nutty flavor, but not as strong as some other brown ales. Light mouthfeel, flavors linger but don’t weight down your palate.
W: No taste of hops bitterness, picking up a lightly roasted or toasted flavor. Smooth mouthfeel with a slightly smokey aftertaste.

H: I think the 22oz bottle this comes in is the perfect size, this isn’t a mass consumption beer, but is nice drinking brown ale. This would pair perfect with some hot wings and a football game.
W: This is not a beer I could drink more than a glass of, it’s not heavy on the same level as stout but is definitely very rich. This would almost be classified as a dessert beer for me, a great way to end the evening.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.