Boulevard Single Wide IPA and Schlafly Imperial Stout

Today’s guest review comes to us via the magic of the World Wide Web. Last week I put out a request for guest reviews via a blog post. Another guest reviewer (Ilya) just happened to see that blog post when he joined the LIBA Facebook page. In turn, Ilya told his friend Jeff about the request. Jeff is a craft beer fanatic and has some experience writing reviews. A day later I had two guest reviews in my inbox, courtesy of Jeff. I love the Internet!

Boulevard Single Wide IPA

Single-wide IPA from Boulevard Brewing out of Kansas City Mo..
Pours a very orange with tall white head. Lots of floating bits of hops in this one. I recommend though if you want to keep the hoppy tastes and nose, pour down the side of the glass to prevent any head from forming or just drink straight from the bottle which is always acceptable by me.

Smells of hops and grass. Tastes of extreme piney hops and very sweet malts. Most bitter in the first moment of the sip, than gets sweet and semi-dry on tongue. Very drinkable and very satisfying at 5.7 abv.

Nice summer in-the-sun drinker and also satisfies that craving to have a hoppy IPA that’s not doubled or tripled. Very smooth and very good IPA! This beer is usually my regular drinker…but I have so many IPAs I love this summer!!

Schlafly Imperial Stout

Schlafly Imperial Stout 2009 Edition
Very rare to find in liquor stores or specialty wine stores. The beer poured a deep black/red with 1 inch head in 12 ounce glass.

Smells of highly sweet roasted malts, and a bit of bourbon whiskey. Good carbonation for an imperial stout, kind of like a regular dry stout in that perspective. Hardly bitter at all. Tastes of brown sugar, bourbon whiskey, nuts, caramel, burnt roasted malts, and an alcohol backbone the goes away quickly. Leaves mouth partially dry but sweet and savory.

You will feel the ABV (10%) in your nose after each swallow but only for a second or two. At 75 IBUs, I could barely notice the hop content. This is a delicious imperial stout.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.