Cricket Hill Cricket’s Nocturne Dark Lager

Cricket Hill Cricket's Nocturne Dark LagerT-minus 1 day until Vegas. I think I’m over-psyched at this point. It needs to just get here already. Tomorrow is gonna fly by – I’ve got ~7 hours of meetings at work tomorrow. But that’s tomorrow. Tonight isn’t over until a beer has been reviewed.

The beer of choice is Cricket’s Nocturne Dark Lager from the Cricket Hill Brewing Company in Fairfield, NJ. I don’t recall where this beer came from. Definitely an April Bday gift, but from whom, I have no clue.

Cricket Hill Cricket's Nocturne Dark Lager

The beer has a nice looking head. The color is a bit different than most beers – it’s a chocolately brownish black. Pretty cool looking.

Smells like a light porter or a stout (the beer is officially a “Munich Dunkel Lager”, but I have no clue what that is). Where it gets completely separated from those styles is in mouthfeel; it is much less thick and has less body that a typical stout.

Flavors remind me of a stout or porter. Chocolatey roasted malts are by far the main ingredient. Even stone cold there is almost zilch in the bitter/hoppy department.

The beer is pretty good. Right in my wheelhouse, as it were. I find myself chugging this puppy down rapidly.

Cricket Hill Cricket's Nocturne Dark Lager

UPDATE: After I published this blog post, two twitter friends (@beer_nerd and @Dave_White) pointed me to the below video of the brewmaster giving a “tour”. Note that I’m posting this not because I agree with anything the brewmaster says, but rather, because it’s a hilarious rant.

Author: Joshua Dion

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