Fall Tweetup – Location/Prize Ideas?

It’s that time again. I told people that I would host the third Boston Craft Beer Tweetup in September, and I don’t want to disappoint. I need your help though!

Question #1: Where (in Boston or surrounding areas) should I hold the event?

Question #2: What are some good ideas for door prizes? See the previous tweetup recaps for prizes I’ve used in the past. Looking for some fresh ideas.

In case you missed the first two events, check out the recaps:
Boston Craft Beer Tweetup Spring 2010
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15 thoughts on “Fall Tweetup – Location/Prize Ideas?”

  1. One of my favorite beer bars in Boston is Atwood's in Cambridge. Great food, great beer, and great service. I also really like Redbones because of their amazing BBQ and craft beer selection. Perhaps I'll come down to Boston for this!!

  2. Never head of Atwoods. I'll have to check it out.

    One thing to keep in mind: we need a location that is open on Saturday afternoon and has plenty of room for ~50 attendees.

    I have twitter votes for the following locations:
    * Lord Hobo
    * Otherside Cafe

    Feedback and comments on other's location suggestions are welcome.


  3. Never been to Lord Hobo because it opened right as I left Boston but I heard good things. Otherside is okay too.
    Atwoods is open on Saturday afternoons and has room for 50 people no sweat. You should check it out- they have live bands every night and apparently "the hardest pub trivia in Boston" It's SUCH a hidden gem.

  4. Gardner Ale House in Gardner. I think I mentioned it before. Lots of room and they'd totally be open to doing this. Let me know and I can present it to the owner.

  5. Gardner definitely wouldn't qualify as a Boston tweetup. :)

    I would consider co-hosting a western-MA tweetup in addition to the Boston Craft Beer Tweetup. Would you be interested in being my co-host/co-planner?


  6. I'm not sure if Lord Hobo is open on Saturday afternoons, but I agree that would be a great place for a meetup.

    If you're looking for input on dates – I prefer *not* 9/25 since I am tentatively planning a @CraftBeerCrew meetup for that day… pups and pints! Stay tuned!

  7. Might I suggest the following:
    Penguin Pizza – Boston
    Squealing Pig – Boston
    Publick House – Brookline
    Lord Hobo – Cambridge

    Door prizes? Hmm, interesting wall-mount or hand-held bottle openers? Insulated Beer/Wine travel sleeves? Uhhh, what else do I need? Glassware?

  8. M.: Would love to accommodate you by having it on 9/25. Will depend on how much push back I get…sounds like there is already some pressure to avoid that day.

    Stephanie: Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely be checking them out.

    Bert: Defitely not doing Publick House this go around (because we just did American Craft). Good ideas for prizes.

    Everyone: Lots of votes for Lord Hobo. What is the parking like? Cambridge parking tends to suck major butt…I always end up paying $15 to park in a garage.

  9. I'd be up for a Western/Central MA Tweetup, Josh. Let me know, that sounds interesting. I know a few people out this way who would make it! Something to consider!

  10. Stephanie:

    We'll be having the tweetup on Saturday the 18th of September. Parking will be a slight issue as most parking is resident only. I've got Lord Hobo working on getting us a discount at a nearby parking garage, which is actually only about 2 blocks away.


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