Flying Fish Exit 16

Flying Fish Exit 16Back on the horse. No more Vegas. No more guest posts to keep the site running. Just me and a fridge full of beer. We just finished watching the movie The Happening and now I really could use a beer. We only watched it because we felt like we had to. I wonder if M. Night Shyamalan will ever make a good movie again.

Back to the brew. I’m drinking a Flying Fish Exit 16. My mother got me this for my Bday back in April. I guess I could now consider it semi-aged. It’s a double IPA (a.k.a. Imperial IPA) (a.k.a. Normally a face-beating-hop-monster).

Flying Fish Exit 16

It’s not as oppressively hoppy as I expected. Lots of grapefruit flavor though. Incredibly carbonated.

As far as IPAs go, the beer is super light in color. A hazy light yellow with plenty of head and lacing. In fact, on the second pour, the head is quite amazing…looks like whipped egg whites.

The flavor is growing on me. Rare for an IPA of this caliber to do so. Decent, possibly even good beer.
Flying Fish Exit 16

Author: Joshua Dion

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