Help! Blogger Kidnapped!

Hello everyone! This is Lost’s wife writing to you tonight. I have some terrible news. Lost has been kidnapped!!! Click the above picture for more info. Please help. We need to get him back safe.

Beyond having his life in peril, there are some other great reasons to send him to Reno for CANFEST:

  • Lost in the Beer Aisle is an established member of the beer blogging community.
  • The site has been bringing together craft beer newbies and experts alike with a writing style that is unintimidating and humorous.
  • Josh (A.K.A. “Lost”) is an outgoing guy that would jump at the chance to meet new people in the beer industry.
  • Josh loves beer. He loves the beer community. He loves beer in cans. Beer consumes a solid percentage of his existence.
  • Josh is NOT a beer snob or beer douche.
  • This contest entry took in excess of 40 hours to create. He REALLY wants to win this contest.

UPDATE!  Voting for this contest is open between 9/3/2010 – 9/9/2010.  If you think Josh deserves to go to Reno, please vote for him at this link.

More information here:
Buckbean CANFEST contest details
Buckbean Brewing Website
Buckbean Brewing on Twitter

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Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.