Lancaster Milk Stout & Lakefront Fuel Café

I totally forgot to add an into to this post when I made it yesterday. As we do every Saturday, Silvio brings us some delicious beer reviews from Washington D.C. Today he executes a double stout review.

August is fast drawing to a close, and the summer heat wave has finally broken here in D.C. Since it’s actually been a week of sustained temperatures below 90, my thoughts have naturally turned to fall, and heartier beers. I decided to review a few stouts this week, because it’s one type of beer I haven’t explored to the degree I should. So without any further ado, Lancaster Brewing Company’s Milk Stout and Lakefront Brewery’s Fuel Café Coffee Flavored Stout.

First up, Lancaster’s Milk Stout. The pour was quite interesting, because while the foam crown was thin the color was very cool. It reminded me of a mocha latte, dark and quite like steamed milk in texture. The aroma followed suit, with coffee and chocolate notes over the typical “stouty” smell. The color is very dark, and it reminds me of motor oil.

On taste, however, this beer fell short of expectations and it didn’t taste as good as it smelled. The dominant flavor is burnt coffee to start, with a long caramel note at the end. There’s also a lot of carbonation here. Overall, it’s an okay porter, with a decent 5.3% ABV, but the beer comes across as a watered down version of what I expected from the aroma.

After I polished off the Lancaster, I moved onto the Lakefront Fuel Café. The pour created very little foam, and it was much lighter and reminded me of typical porter stout foam. The color was even darker than the milk stout, as dark as night. I could really smell the alcohol on this one, which was surprising because it only has a 5.9% ABV.

The taste is definitely not for the meek. The flavor is overwhelmingly dominated by coffee, and it’s bitter and rich to start. I definitely tasted alcohol on the aftertaste, and it left me with a bit of a burnt flavor, like coffee that’s been sitting on the warmer a bit too long. Overall, this is a bit too rich for me, but it would be a good choice for an after-dinner dessert drink.

Author: Silvio

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