Saint Arnold Brown Ale

Beer PackageDo you know what friggin rules? Coming home to a package of beer that’s been delivered to your door. That friggin rules. And who can I credit for this magical delivery? My newly found friend Ilya who runs

Beer Package

Ilya and I started an email conversation about 10 days ago that eventually blossomed into an awesome offer I couldn’t refuse: to send me a mix of different beers from Texas. This is all stuff I have never seen before in the New England area, so I’m thoroughly stoked.

Texas Beer Lineup

The lineup includes:

      Saint Arnold Brown Ale


      Saint Arnold Elissa IPA


      Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout


      Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale


    Southern Star Bombshell Blonde

Saint Arnold Brown Ale

I wanted to start drinking it all tonight, but I’m showing some control and I’m going to make these last all week (if not longer).

Tonight I also had some other business to attend to. Someone came to look at my wife’s car. The person REALLY liked the car, and I’m hopeful that it will turn into a sale before the end of the week.

Secondly, and much less exciting, I had to clean the bathroom as we have guests coming over tomorrow as well as Wednesday. Bleach-smelling hands are not good beer reviewing hands, so I waited a bit before opening a beer.

Saint Arnold Brown Ale

I’m going with the St. Arnold Brown Ale tonight.

First off, the head is fantastically awesome. I wish I had a zoom lens to show you all what I’m talking about. A $400 lens to take pictures of beer foam seems a little silly though.

The brew has much more of a red tinge than I would expect. I could confuse it (looks-wise) with a red ale.

Saint Arnold Brown Ale

The beer goes down quick. I have to take a minute to really think about the flavors. Teeters over to the sweet side, but just barely. Well balanced. Malty. Maybe a touch of brown sugar or caramel? Finishes with a whisper of bitterness. (man, that sounded douchey!)

As a final note, Ilya told me that the brown ale was going to be the most disappointing of the bunch. If that’s the case, I’m in for a real treat. I thought the brown ale, while nothing special or unique, was refreshing and delicious.

Thanks Ilya!!!

Saint Arnold Brown Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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