Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

Saint Arnold Elissa IPAToday is my last day in Vegas. That’s very sad to type, as technically I’m typing it in the past. You see, I’m writing this intro 2 days BEFORE we leave, queuing it up for posting on 8/10. But enough of the time warp mess. Today’s guest review comes from Ilya. Ilya is a self professed beer lovin’, beer drinkin’, people meetin’ fanatic. He runs the beer blog DamnThatsGoodBeer.Com, and runs many local KaBoga beer group meet ups through out the country. His goal is to bring beer lovers from everywhere together to enjoy great beers over better company.

Named after an old, old wooden ship “The Elissa”, this IPA comes from deep in the heart of Texas from the craft master brewery Saint Arnold’s. Despite the oh “so many” choices of craft breweries here in the Lone Start State….there is a reason why I chose the Elissa IPA from Saint Arnold, and it’s not simply because the beer is good.

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

But first…drum roll please….

THE now infamous Ilya Line of Beer Reviews!

Which is to say, that I’m not the guy who swirls beer in his mouth from a 1oz sample, spits it into a bucket, tickles his mustache’s, puts on his monocle, and then begins to write down each imaginary flavor, taste, and toe tickling sensation while seemingly peaking towards….

No. That I am not. Nor do I gravitate towards Josh’s version of “The Beer Douche”….usually.

Oh hell…that’s right…the beer!

The Saint Arnold’s Elissa IPA is easily my favorite IPA to make it’s way out of Texas. Usually, it’s our water here in Texas that keeps us from making great IPAs but thanks to technology that’s all been changed. With reverse osmosis this, and forward osmosis that (not sure if what I just said is real), they’ve been able to craft a seriously great IPA that pours with a golden orange hue that reaches a great looking head (but doesn’t last too long) if poured right and leaves a decent amount of lacing.

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

The aroma coming out of the glass beckons for a first sip and on first inspection you’ll notice an IPA “flavor bundle” that you typically get from more Eastern US type IPAs. Very fruity (stop smirking). Very full bodied and the hops come through border line perfect for this type of beer. Probably the best IPA to come out of Texas in my opinion.

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

More importantly for me however, is WHY I choose this old, old wooden ship. They brew this beer with passion, and with serious care. Even MORE importantly, they donate a good portion of the sales that the Elissa brings in to the Galveston Historical District for preservation of the actual ship itself.

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

That to me shows the character and mindset behind what American craft brewing is all about. Remember where you came from, take care of people, love your customers, love beer, and brew great brews.

And you thought all we had in Texas was Shiner…silly you…

Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.