Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale

Southern Star Bombshell Blonde AleTonight was monthly poker night. We’ve held it successfully for 4 months…longer than I expected people to stick with it. Tonight we cycled back to my house. Good because I don’t have to drive anywhere, and it forces us to do our bi-yearly house cleaning.

Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale

My buddy Mike is hanging out with me post-poker. I convinced him to co-review this Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale. If you haven’t been keeping up over the last few days, I received a bunch of beer from Texas via Ilya and

Note: This beer has been reviewed by guest reviewers twice before on LIBA. Check them out here and here.

For Mike & I, the beer is a bit of an enigma. We both agree with the can: the beer is definitely smooth and creamy. Mike picks up on the bready finish. Other than that, there isn’t much to the beer. We’re both looking for more, but also perfectly satisfied. Does that even make sense?

Mike says that he normally “veers away from anything ‘pale'” (the beer is brewed with American Pale malts). That said, he dug the beer.

I personally could drink this beer all day. We have a big pool party Bday bash this Saturday for Melissa and I wish I had a 12 pack of this to sit by the pool with!

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2 thoughts on “Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale”

  1. Ah, so you had a Blonde last night, too. And shared. Mine was from France.

    Last time we tried the poker game on a regular basis, it didn't even make month 2, so you have something good going there.

    I have a friend that lives in Texas and he said that Deschutes now has statewide distribution. Gonna try to get some of that down here.

    Have fun at your party. Talk to you later.

  2. Wow, the Bombshell Blonde intrigues me. Between "smooth and creamy" and "I could drink this all day," I'm sold. Will pick it up when I see it.

    I also strongly approve of the can. More craft brews in cans, dammit! So much better for the environment!

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