Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale

Southern Star Bombshell Blonde AleToday’s guest review comes from Matt. This is Matt’s first ever beer review. I always tell people that I love these type of reviews because they are straightforward and bring me back to why I started the blog – to write in an unintimidating way that is fun to read for anyone (even if they don’t know a lot about beer). Matt hits that goal squarely on the head with his excellent review of a beer from Texas. Take it away Matt!

First, let’s get the obvious joke out of the way: Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale does not smell of hair dye – instead it has a slightly hoppy aroma – so I think it’s safe to say that is, indeed, a natural blonde. (Of course, reading the can confirms this. The beer is non-filtered and non-pasteurized, with no additives or preservatives.)

After the pour, it’s cloudy, with a nice orangey color, and a decent head. You can taste a bit of citrus, but not a lot. While drinking, I think the “Bombshell” part of the name becomes more obvious: It actually seems to expand – or blow up – the longer you hold it in your mouth.

Overall, it’s a good summer-type beer and one I’d recommend.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

1 thought on “Southern Star Bombshell Blonde Ale”

  1. Okay Matty-Matt break that down for us… it blows up in your mouth? Like when you drink something that's really carbonated? The flavors attack your tongue? What is going on there?

    This beer sounds pretty good, mouth-explosions included, so I'll try it out if I find it near me.

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