Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

@Ilyafeynberg: How are you tonight? All well?
@Lost_in_Beer: Everything is great here
@Lost_in_Beer: You?
@Ilyafeynberg: All is well here, thanks!
@Lost_in_Beer: I got an early start
@Lost_in_Beer: took pictures of the beer and poured it
@Ilyafeynberg: Just poured it myself
@Ilyafeynberg: have a nice English pint glass next to my laptop and ready to go :-)
@Lost_in_Beer: What’s an English pint glass?
@Lost_in_Beer: Ahhh…pint glass with curves! :)
@Ilyafeynberg: Ha! YEP! I guess that’s the way to put it huh?
@Lost_in_Beer: You ready to rock this thing?
@Ilyafeynberg: sure am!

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

@Lost_in_Beer: When I poured it, I got a serious surprise…surprise as in I overflowed head
@Lost_in_Beer: I thought I was pouring relatively non-aggressively too!
@Ilyafeynberg: Same deal here Josh, even had some fizzle out when opening the can itself
@Ilyafeynberg: The head has subsided in my glass but leaving behind excellent lacing. Wondering what it is about the beer itself that causes the head to just expand. I’ve had this happen on a few cans for me that have not been shaken recently.
@Lost_in_Beer: No idea myself. There is probably some nerdy beer geek explanation.
@Lost_in_Beer: Love the smell…nothing but coffee
@Ilyafeynberg: Agreed! Coffee aroma is incredibly strong. Can barely make the difference between a pint of this stuff and a glass of ice coffee
@Ilyafeynberg: I believe they should have labeled it a “coffee stout”
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah, no doubt
@Lost_in_Beer: Shall we drink?
@Ilyafeynberg: Yes let’s!
@Lost_in_Beer: Cheers good sir
@Ilyafeynberg: Cheers!

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

@Lost_in_Beer: Flavor – not what I expected!
@Ilyafeynberg: Almost comes off as a Porter doesn’t it?
@Lost_in_Beer: Thickness wise, absolutely. relatively light for a stout.
@Ilyafeynberg: Heavy…but more clean than you would expect. The coffee is a very deep roast me thinks!
@Lost_in_Beer: In terms of flavor, far more burntness
@Ilyafeynberg: Brilliant! That’s the word or I was looking for…errr…well take on a word 😉
@Ilyafeynberg: The coffee used tastes like a very dark roast that’s been burnt…or simply roasted well
@Lost_in_Beer: If I were to use three words to describe the taste it would be: roasted, burnt, coffee
@Ilyafeynberg: That is a good way to put it!
@Ilyafeynberg: I’m not sure if you pick up on it or if it’s just my imagination, but it almost feels as though there is some small hint of vanilla on the finish?
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s there. I didn’t pick up on it before. Good catch!
@Ilyafeynberg: It reminds me a lot of Black Butte Porter
@Ilyafeynberg: You should pick some up if you can find it, if not then I need to ship some to you. :-)
@Ilyafeynberg: It holds the same consistency, and similar yet more subtle flavors
@Lost_in_Beer: Never had it before
@Lost_in_Beer: Have to get me some Black Butte
@Lost_in_Beer: (the 12 year old inside me is giggling)
@Ilyafeynberg: It’s ok….my 12 year was evident during the discussion about the beers head….
@Lost_in_Beer: What blows me away about a beer like this is how deceptive the aroma is
@Ilyafeynberg: not to mention the style itself. It doesn’t exaclty fit the bill when thinking about a stout
@Lost_in_Beer: While I can’t compare it to but a few Texas beers you sent me, I completely agree. Complex.
@Ilyafeynberg: I think the carbonation on this beer fits it perfectly. Not too much…and nothing as extreme as say a Pilsner…but not as flat as a more traditional stout. In fact it feels more like an Imperial Stout.
@Lost_in_Beer: Side note: The beer is REALLY growing on me
@Lost_in_Beer: At first I thought it was too harsh, but my tastebuds warmed up to the uber-roastiness.

Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout

@Ilyafeynberg: the beer is fantastic isn’t it?
@Lost_in_Beer: Quite good. Southern Star is some quality stuff in general.
@Ilyafeynberg: It’s a pride for for us here cause it’s such a highly rated and prized beer by such a young brewery
@Ilyafeynberg: Southern Star is only about 2 years old.
@Lost_in_Beer: So let’s wrap up this review. Your summary thoughts in 1 sentence?
@Ilyafeynberg: Hmm……1 sentence…
@Ilyafeynberg: A Texas beer that surprises even the most seasoned beer drinkers with misleading aroma’s, and a coffee type stout that goes down more like a porter.
@Lost_in_Beer: Well summarized. I’d sum it up as follows:
@Lost_in_Beer: Smells like coffee, tastes like burnt, after a few sips you’ll be thoroughly enjoying yourself.
@Lost_in_Beer: Bang! Put a stamp on it. This beer done has been brainstormed upon.
@Ilyafeynberg: I think it should be said…if you don’t enjoy coffee…you won’t enjoy this beer.
@Lost_in_Beer: I thank you for joining me for the storm tonight.
@Ilyafeynberg: No problem at all, it really enjoyed it! I like your idea for beer brainstorms.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

6 thoughts on “Southern Star Buried Hatchet Stout”

  1. Josh,

    Thanks again for letting me do the beer brainstorm with you! I had a lot of fun and when you're talking about a beer with someone else it not only makes it more interesting, but you learn and touch on things you never would have on your own!



  2. Ugh. You guys are way better at the tag team chat reviews than we are at FIWK. And I hate you for it. Very nice review.

    I am legitimately excited to try this beer sometime. I love the Black Butte Porter, so a comparison to it is a great recommendation in my book. And another hooray to Southern Star for the cans, more of that please.

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