Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale

Melissa, Johnson, MichelleToday while I was at work my wife Melissa was hard at work on her business. She’s opening Ecolissa, an eco-friendly woman’s clothing and accessory store, in a couple of weeks. Today was photo-shoot day. Our friends Johnson (creative director) and Michelle (clothing model) came down for the day. I guess everything went really well. They are pictured above discussing the website earlier this evening. The wife was mid-sentence, thus the toothy picture.

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale

As far as beer, I really had to motivate myself tonight. Was half falling asleep on the couch 10 minutes ago and decided I needed to get productive and drink a beer. Keeping in theme with last night’s review, I’m checking out another Texas-based beer.

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale has me intrigued just because of its name. A piney pale ale…will it be pine-overload, or did Southern Star balance it out with malty goodness?

It sure smells piney. IPA levels of pineyness. I’m afeared.

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale

OK, I take it back. One sip has convinced me that this isn’t going to be pine overload. It is indeed fairly well balanced. The flavors repeatedly bounce between malty sweet and piney bitterness.

In addition to a good mix of flavors, the hazy burnt orange color and excellent lacing pretties the beer up.

An interesting spin on a Pale Ale. I definitely couldn’t have guessed the beer style in a blind taste test.

Overall a pretty good beer. Definitely sparking my interest and keeping my taste buds guessing. One again, a big thanks to Ilya from for hooking me up with the Texas beer!

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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2 thoughts on “Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale”

  1. You want pine overload, try the Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA… just wow. I talk about it briefly in today's Wet Wednesday, which once again borrows the gchat review format you have pioneered. And once again I forgot to credit you haha…

    When I think of a pine pale ale, I think of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Does this compare to that in some way? It looks MUCH darker.

    Also congrats and good luck to Ecolissa, I hope it kicks some ass.

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