Guest Review – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Ice Cream Float

So I’ll be in Boston tonight at a social media event trying to get people to shop at my wife’s new store Ecolissa. I’ll be at the Bell-in-Hand Tavern in Boston (in case you’re in the area and want to stop by to say hello. Given that I might not get to make a post tonight, I’m falling back on a guest post I’ve had in the queue for a couple of days. It the first ever beer float review on LIBA, courtesy Matt from

Hey fans of Lost! This is Matt from Virginia, and I am a somewhat recent addition to the beer blogging community. I have been a huge fan of craft beer for several years now, but have only started writing about it within the last 9-10 months. I am fortunate to have stumbled onto the LIBA page during this time, and Lost has been kind enough to allow me to guest review.

I do a lot of searching around for what new brews are getting recognition, beer pairings, and creative new things to try with beer. So, I had heard of this dessert mentioned before, but I was always a little bit too scared or tentative to actually try it…Until today, when I found a more legitimate source that I trust enough to finally make the leap.

Chris Johnston from wrote a great article about his first experience with a “Beer Float”. This is exactly what it sounds like, a glass of ice cream scoops with beer poured over it…Chris goes on to explain how he has tried to expand the idea by bringing beer floats to parties, to much acclaim!

Beer Float

With these encouraging words I set out to try my own version of this sudsy treat. I started with a chilled Guinness pint glass, some Breyers “Homemade Vanilla” ice cream, and one of my favorite beers – Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout. The brew is 10% ABV, and I chose it for its creamy texture and great dark chocolate flavor.

Beer Float

In appearance the float looks just like any other with a big foamy, frothy tan head. It smells like dark chocolate and vanilla bean, and from the first spoonful the only real difference from a chunky chocolate shake is the richness of the smoked malt. This turned out REALLY well! I plan to now go through my fridge and sample a float from every porter or stout of which I have more than one bottle! I highly encourage you to try your own versions, and perhaps post/comment your experiences.


As a final note, just want to say one more thank you to Lost for the collaboration and chance to get my site out there…Check it out at!

Author: Joshua Dion

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