Boston Craft Beer Tweetup – Fall 2010

I held the third Boston Craft Beer Tweetup this past Saturday (September 18th). Below is the recap of the festivities. Above is a slide-show containing ~30 of the best pictures from the event.

Our photographer for the event was Al Gong. Thanks for the awesome photos Al!

To see a list of twitter followers that attended the event, check out my Tweepml list. Are you missing from the list? Let me know and I’ll add you.

Many thanks to everyone who attended. The event was a huge success and I can’t wait to do the next one. On to the recap….


My wife and I hit up Lord Hobo early for brunch and to set up. Lord Hobo has some excellent food at a decent price. Here I am ensuring that the taps are all correctly working prior to the event start time (i.e. pregaming).

A big thank you always has to go out to my wife for helping to host the events.

Lord Hobo

Lord Hobo was a great venue. Many thanks to the manager Kevin, and our bartenders Casey and Matt!

If you’ve never been and you are in the Cambridge area, make sure you spin by Hampshire street and check out the bar.

Beer Selection

The beer selection at Hobo was fantastic. This is a picture of HALF of the taps. I tried a bunch of beers I’ve never had before. Don’t recall much about most of them. I was “off duty” in terms of beer reviewing.


The bar hooked the attendees up with this incredible cheese platter. Out of this world. I’m hungry just looking at the pictures again!


We ended up having around 40 attendees, which made me very happy.

I finally got to meet Carla (The Beer Babe). She drove down from Portland to join the festivities.

Beer Nut

Norman (A.K.A. The Beer Nut) also joined us.


We also had some previous tweetup attendees in the house. Many thanks to the loyal followers! You know who you are. 🙂


And of course we had our usual door prize giveaways….

Winner - Chris

Chris walked away with the Narragansett bucket-pack of goodies. A huge thank you to Narragansett for sponsoring our event!!! If you’re ever in Lord Hobo, keep in mind they have Gansett Tall boys for sale.

Winner - Stephanie

Stephanie snagged the Lord Hobo $50 gift certificate. $50 is a lot of fine beer.

Winner - Adam

And finally, Adam won the $25 gift certificate (door prize courtesy of Lost in the Beer Aisle)

Once again, thank you to Lord Hobo, our sponsors, and of course all of the attendees for making this another memorable event. I hope to see you all at the next event.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.