Founders Porter

Founders Porter

Today was way less stressful than the last two days. I got a lot of work done today and felt pretty good about how the day went. Tonight we’re catching up on the new season of Weeds.

Founders Porter

Decided to review this Founders Porter. It’s been in storage since probably February or May. Not on purpose…just kinda happened that way. I think the beer may have gotten too old, or I simply got a bad bottle. Complete and utter gusher (see picture). The picture was taken AFTER I got the initial gusher, poured out the head, and started over very carefully. I probably ended up with less than half the beer in my glass.

Founders Porter

Not a lot going on in the aroma. Roasted smells.

Founders Porter

Despite having a gusher, the beer doesn’t taste horrible. Then again, I’ve never had the beer, so how do I know what it is supposed to taste like?

Tastes of super dark roast coffee. Plenty of linger. Not sweet, but not particularly bitter either. Noticeable carbonation.

Would definitely like to try this again, preferably fresh and less gushy.


Founders Porter

Author: Joshua Dion

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  1. Pretty much everything from Founders is rock solid at worst, excellent at best. :)

    Now… how are you going about catching up on Weeds? Do you DVR it? I don’t get Showtime and had watched them all through Netflix, but I’m missing the current season…

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