Narragansett Fest Beer

Narragansett Swag

Last night we were at a networking event for UNH alumni. While I am not an alum, the wifey is. Good excuse to go talk to strangers about my wife’s business as well as LIBA.

We met some cool folks and I got to talk beer, which is always fun. I also got a chance to briefly meet Zac from Narragansett Brewing. He stopped by to drop off a door prize for this Saturday’s Boston Craft Beer Tweetup.

I gotta admit, I’d love to steal some of the stuff from this bucket of swag (pictured above)…but I won’t. Some lucky tweetup attendee is going to walk away with it all.

Narragansett Fest Beer

This actually is a perfect segway into tonight’s beer review: Narragansett Fest beer. This is a brand new offering from Narragansett. As you may recall, I was lucky enough to have Narragansett send me over some last week.

Narragansett Fest Beer

Now, the beer (obviously) comes in a tall boy. I’ve poured it into the glass ONLY because I wanted to show the color. As far as I am concerned, anything that comes in a tall boy should be drank from said can. I will definitely be drinking my second beer DIRECTLY from the can.

Narragansett Fest Beer

My one foray into “The Ganse” (as my wife calls it) has been the Lager. I love the stuff, and I consider it a great lawnmower type beer.

The fest is moving into a different demographic it feels. It definitely isn’t a lawnmower beer. This brew should be stacked up against other fest beers.

The aroma is spicy. The head is sexy-hot…lots of lacing too. The flavor? A little less than exciting for me. The flavors almost say pumpkin beer to me. I will say that it is nicely balanced, starting sweet and having just a slightly bitter finish. Sitting here sipping for awhile, it does kind of grow on ya….

My hat remains tipped to Narragansett for making this kind of foray into a new beer style. The Fest beer isn’t a bad beer by any stretch. I’ll probably stick to my Gansett Lager though.


Author: Joshua Dion

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