Nashoba Valley Heron Ale

Nashoba Valley Heron AleIt has been a VERY productive night in blog land. I worked on a number of things:

1. Right before I switched to WordPress Blogger lost all of my updates to the beer catalog since June. Tonight I got that page back up to date.

2. I bought the photo album on the LIBA Facebook page up to date.

3. Fixed some broken links on the site that were carry-over breakage from the move to WordPress.

4. Added a sharing tool bar to the bottom of each post. Please use it to share my posts via Stumble, Digg, Tweet, Facebook, Email, etc, etc.

Nashoba Valley Heron Ale

I also spent some time getting more votes for the Buckbean CANFEST contest. My first-line network is pretty well exhausted at this point, so if you think I deserve to win, could you ask your friends and family via Facebook to support and vote for me? I’m eternally grateful for all the love I’ve already received. Two more days until the contest is over!

Nashoba Valley Heron Ale

With all that work out of the way, it’s time for a well deserved beer. Tonight I’m drinking a Nashoba Valley Heron Ale. It’s the last of the Nashoba Valley beers I picked up WAAAAY back in March.

The beer had a ridiculously fantastic head…the kind of head you want to cuddle with in bed.  The aroma is citrusy and the flavor bites back!  I totally didn’t see that coming.  It starts off a tad like a big old Belgian beer like a double or a quad, but the aftertaste is chalk-full of piney hops.  A quick internet check revealed that the brew is actually an ESB, which now explains a lot.

Man, the aftertaste is seriously powerful. lingering……lingering…..lingering.

If the aftertaste wasn’t quite so bitter, I think this would be an interesting beer. The citrusy sweet flavors that it starts out with are intriguing, but they disappear super quick. I’m throwing this beer into the “interesting, but ‘Meh'” category.


Nashoba Valley Heron Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Nashoba Valley Heron Ale”

  1. Hahaha… “the kind of head you want to cuddle with in bed”… lol… oh man I’m still laughing here…

    Ok… phew. Haha. Anyway sounds like a nice beer, will try to seek it out. I’ve never heard of this brewer, are you familiar with anything else by them?

    And by the way, congrats on the new WordPress backdrop and the productive blog stuff! Keep on rolling.

  2. Thats som crazy head on that brew. New England beer represent! Wasn’t expecting much from them but Im sure I will head out there to grab a brew in the future. Good review!

  3. Holy crap, you sure have. Actually now that I read about it, I do recognize the Wattaquadoc Wheat… maybe I read your review of it already.

    Love the Beer Catalog, that is gonna keep me busy for a while.

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