Pike Tandem Double Ale

Let me start tonight by stating that the last 36 hours as been ridiculously stressful.  Here’s the summary:

Monday 10:00am: Wife emails me.  Laptop dead.  Major emergency since she runs her business off of it.
Monday lunch: Frantic computer research mode.


This is how I organized the laptop research.

Monday 4:30pm: Leave work early for class, have to go home first.
Monday 5:00pm: Show up at home. Wife is in the parking lot crying. Fell down while walking the dog. In pain.
Monday 5:15pm: Wife refuses to go to the ER for a sore arm. I go to class.
Monday 8:15pm: I get back home after leaving class early. Wife’s arm is purple and swollen.
Monday 8:16pm: We need to go to the ER.
Monday 9:00pm: ER
Tuesday 12:15am: Leaving the ER. Broken elbow. Pain killers & a sling is all they can do.
Tuesday 2:00am: Finally in bed.
Tuesday 7:00am: Alarm goes off. Kill me now. Staying home to take care of Melissa. Working from home.
Tuesday 8:00am –> 11am: Multi-task. Feed myself, help Melissa get ready, all while staying active on non-stop conference calls at work. Somehow find time to call the orthopedic surgeon and make an appointment.
Tuesday 11:00am: CVS. Need pain killer prescription filled.
Tuesday 12:00pm –> 2:00pm: More conference calls. Work email up the wahzoo. Helping Melissa do basically everything. While Melissa naps, disassemble her broken laptop, pull data off the old hard drive, more laptop research, finally decide on which laptop to order, order it.


Hoped I could find the failure. No luck. It be dead!

Tuesday 2:00pm: Off to the Orthopedic surgeon.
Tuesday 4:00pm – Now: Finish up work emails. Make pizza for dinner. Attend a church-related meeting. Unpack and setup the new TV.

New TV

The new TV will allow me to watch every Bruins game while avoiding a divorce.

Now I finally get some time to just relax and drink a beer. Pike Tandem Double Ale must be broken out.

Pike Tandem Double Ale

Have you ever had a day so busy and stressful that when you sit down to have a brew and it just tastes friggin fantastic? Yeah, tonight is one of those nights. I think you could have given me a Corona in a dirty shoe and I would be raving about it.

Pike Tandem Double Ale

Check out the funky head on the beer.

Pike Tandem Double Ale

Aroma-wise I picked up citrus – Tangerine or orange I think.

Pike Tandem Double Ale

The beer is incredibly well balanced. There is a malty caramel sweetness that is offset by citrusy hops. I could easily polish off two of these 22oz bottles…in fact, I wish I had another bottle right now.

Despite the fact that anything would taste good right about now, I feel that this beer would normally be right in my wheelhouse. I can’t wait to be able to have it again…maybe on draft…that would be hot.

Pike Tandem Double Ale

Final note: Not 2 minutes ago, as I was putting the finishing touches on this post, the cat barfed all over the living room rug. Yup. That pretty much puts an exclamation mark on today.


Author: Joshua Dion

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