Silvio Saturday – Brooklyn, Gordon Biersch and Saranac Octoberfests

Today we’re taking my little brother into Boston to visit North Eastern University. That is literally our only plans for the whole weekend. To that end, I have absolutely nothing interesting or witty to provide as an intro to this week’s Silvio Saturday reviews. So I’ll just let Silvio take over now…

Brooklyn Oktoberfest

Ah weather in D.C., what a fickle tease. When I last reviewed, temperatures were cool and it seemed like this awful summer was finally over. I was locked in to the season, well into my quest to review as many Oktoberfest beers as possible. Unfortunately for me, it was gross and hot all week, but fortunately I’ve still got three Fall seasonals to review. Tempted by Josh’s recent IPA/ESB review, I’m dying to get back into hops heaven, so I’m going to push through all my remaining Fall beers tonight.

First up, Brooklyn Brewery’s Oktoberfest. I’m a big fan of Brooklyn, and was definitely interested to check this beer out. The pour was dark brown, but quite clear. There’s decent foam, but nothing more than a frosting. The smell reminded me of a nut brown lager, pretty unique for an Oktoberfest. The taste is a little watery on the first sip, but quite nutty through the middle. There are a lot of malts here, but they transition into hints of bitterness on the aftertaste. Decent 5.5% ABV, and an overall good brew.

Gordon Biersch FestBier

Next on the docket, Gordon Biersch’s FestBier. This is billed as an Oktoberfest-style beer, and pours a dark golden, clear color. There’s a nice foam head here, at least a finger tall. The aroma is really sweet and malty, which pulls through to the flavor. This is a very malty, sweet beer with some spices through the middle. I was honestly caught by surprise at how flavorful this was, and it gets a little bitter toward the end. The ABV is decent at 5.6% but the flavor is really why you should check this beer out.

Gordon Biersch FestBier

Last but not least is Saranac’s Octoberfest Lager. Great thick foam pour, with a nice light copper color. There isn’t really a notable scent beyond the typical lager smell. It’s got a very nice malted taste, with some hints of caramel, and no bitterness at all. I left it out for a while and the beer got even sweeter and more malted, to the point where I was reminded of maple syrup. This ABV is the weakest of all three at 5.4%, but if you’re into sweet beers this is for you.


Saranac Octoberfest

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