Silvio Saturday – Left Hand Oktoberfest and Red Hook Late Autumn Ale

It’s Tweetup time baby. I hope everything goes to plan. We have much fewer RSVPs than in the past, and I’m praying that we get a good turnout. While I’m off hosting the event, I leave the blog in the capable hands of our Saturday Guest Reviewer, Silvio.

Left Hand Oktoberfest

Work has been insane this week. I’m so ready for the weekend, some great beer and football (including a fantasy football matchup with fellow LIBA guest blogger @chaddah). My brain literally feels like it’s overheating, so I’d say it’s about time to continue my quest to review as many Octoberfests as possible.

I figured I’d start with Left Hand Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest Marzen, because this beer has a truly bad-ass label. The pour was great, with a thick foam head and clear amber color. I loved this beer’s aroma too – tons of malts. The ABV is pretty good, checking in at 6.6% ABV. I know Josh has previously reviewed this beer, but I had a totally different experience and think this year’s version is a different experience.

Left Hand Solar Energy

The flavor definitely lived up to expectations. This is a great combination of malt tastes and fall flavors. It’s very balanced and starts out sweet before finishing with some mild hops and bitterness at the end. The beer gets really sweet, spicy and floral about halfway through drinking it. Best of all, the label says the beer is brewed with solar energy – definitely appealing to my environmentalist side.
I really loved this beer and can’t wait to have another one.

Red Hook Late Autumn Ale

Next up, I’m trying Red Hook’s Late Autumn Ale. The beer pours dark amber, and it’s got a decent foam head. The smell was super malty and sweet, reminiscent of maple syrup. In terms of taste, this is an okay overall beer. Lots of malts on the front and it reminded me a lot of brown sugar, but the aftertaste is a little too bitter for me. There aren’t really any good hops to make the bitterness enjoyable, but I did detect a slight nutty flavor toward the end. The ABV is decent at 5.9%. This brew is okay, definitely worth a try.


Red Hook Late Autumn Ale

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