Southern Tier Pumking

Beer Run

First up this weekend was a beer run on Friday afternoon. I was planning on coming back with a single beer to review, but instead ended up with a mixed six pack of various things. You can click the picture or check out my Queued Up page to see what I got.

Beer Run

My wife picked up a mixed six pack of cider. Maybe she’ll review some of them for us…but probably not. 🙂

Southern Tier Pumking

Friday night we went to our friends Kevin & Emily’s house for dinner and some card games. I brought along my newly purchased Southern Tier Pumking to review.

Southern Tier Pumking

The beer is brewed with a ton of mashed pumpkin, and you really can taste it. Probably the most robust pumpkin flavor I’ve ever tasted in a beer.

Southern Tier Pumking

Surprisingly, it also had some graham cracker flavor. I expect it was the malts being portrayed that way. It ended up tasting like pie crust to go along with the pumpkin flavor. Not exactly like pumpkin pie, but somewhat similar.

Southern Tier Pumking

The 9% ABV was not hidden well and booze aroma and flavor were all over the place. The flavors were intense and are not for the weak of heart.

Overall, another quality brew from Southern Tier. Perhaps too strong of a beer for me to purchase again.


For dinner Emily made us Eggplant Feta Philo Pies. Pretty good stuff. Looked like a lot of work to make. Thanks Emily!

Tweetup Teaser

Of course Saturday brought about the tweetup. We had another good turnout and everyone had a blast. The full recap will come tomorrow night, so stay tuned.

Fast forward to Sunday. I pretty much sat on my ass all day. My mother-in-law took us out to breakfast, and then I spent the day on the couch. I pulled out the vacuum fully intending to do some cleaning. It’s still standing in the corner waiting for me to get motivated.

Right now I’m watching the Patriots, who are about to lose to the Jets. I’m close to being physically sick over it. The entire team has played like garbage in the second half.

And on a final note, I REALLY don’t want to go to work tomorrow.


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