Weekend Recap (Including Samuel Adams Black Lager)

OK folks. It’s Sunday evening. I’m pretty spent, but I want to give you a recap of this weekend’s activities. We had quite a bit going on. I was able to drink some tasty beer along the way, which always makes for a great weekend.

I’ve been taking Friday afternoons off from work this month. This is what I came home to on Friday. Brady had the right idea. I wasn’t feeling too hot, so I actually spent my entire Friday afternoon sleeping on the couch.

We spent Friday evening in Boston attending some events related to the fair trade convention. I forgot to bring my camera. I drank too much captain and coke and had to spend some time chilling out at the Quincy Marriot before I was OK to drive home.

Saturday we hung out with my little brother and hit-up Worcester…more specifically the Ecotarium.

Besides some owls, bald eagles, opossum and a porcupine, the Ecotarium had a real live Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Samuel Adams Black Lager

Fast forward to Saturday night. We hung out at the in-laws for the evening. Dinner + card games.

Samuel Adams Black Lager

I picked up a 6-pack of Samuel Adams Black Lager to share with my father-in-law. I see the beer in his fridge a lot and I wanted to review it.

Josh & Jim

The stuff was $8.50 for the six pack, which is pretty standard around here for a 6-pack of decent beer. The beer smelled of chocolate. The flavor added caramel and serious amounts of coffee. For some reason the beer reminded me of a milk stout (but less thick). My father-in-law Jim said he likes the beer so much because it finishes very clean (for a dark beer). I concur!

Bohnanza Card Game

After some beers, the four of us played a game called Bohnanza. If I tried to explain the game to you, #1: you would think the game is way more complex than it is, and #2: you would think I’m crazy.

Take my word…the game is a hoot. Best played with 4-6 people.

Woodchuck Cider - Limited Edition Fall

For those of you who don’t follow American football, this Sunday was opening weekend for the regular season. We gathered at our friend’s house for junk food, beers (Narragansett), cider and the Patriots.

I should also mention that my wife (pictured above) was thoroughly excited to find and consume some limited [fall season] edition Woodchuck Cider.

Josh & Melissa

The Patriots have been looking shaky in pre-season, and no one knew how this game would turn out. They ended up dominating the whole game. A fine Sunday indeed!


Patriots Fans

Author: Joshua Dion

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