Lagunitas The Censored

Lagunitas The Censored

Tonight I’m sitting down watching Ice Road Truckers and reviewing this Lagunitas The Censored. Before we get to the beer review though, I have to tell you of the manly thing I did earlier this evening.

I should preface this by saying that I’m not a handy man. I suck at most things “man”. But tonight I attempted to fix my Samsung LCD TV. The TV started acting up a month or two ago and after some research I found that the problem could be fixed at home for $25-$40 instead of paying $300 for a repair guy.

Samsung TV Repair

Step 1 was to remove the outer case. After I got it off was when I started getting nervous. You can technically get shocked if you touch the wrong parts of the board.

Samsung TV Repair

The source of the problem is the circled capacitors. If you click on the picture to enlarge you’ll notice that the capacitors are bulging and the tops have actually popped up (see the black X looking dealie on top of each).

The fix involves soldering the board to get the old capacitors off and putting new ones on. I have zero experience soldering, which was the most nerve-wracking part. The whole fix took about an hour an a half. I was crazy nervous to turn on the TV for the first time and told the TV out loud “It’s OK if you don’t turn back on. I can live with that. Please, just don’t catch fire”.

Bingo-bango! The TV popped right on without a problem! WOOOOOT! Man stuff! And I didn’t epic fail it. I literally did a couple of different dances in my living room.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of a two part youtube video that goes into great detail about how to perform the fix. If you have a Samsung TV that is making clicking noises instead of powering on, you probably have the same problem. Check out the videos here:

Samsung TV Fix Part 1

Samsung TV Fix Part 2

Lagunitas The Censored

So let’s move on to the victory beer. The Censored is a “copper ale” by label, American Amber by style. The color is a perfect copper/amber color to match. Not a whole lot of head, but what head there was left a nice lacing.

Lagunitas The Censored

The brew is more bitter than I had imagined. It’s definite got hops character. Almost Pale Ale-ish. Piney flavors with some malt to balance is what I’m picking up on.

Lagunitas The Censored

I do want to point out how stoked I was to be able to put my Lagunitas pint glass to appropriate use! YAY!

The beer is quite damn good. Super smooth. Going down quick, which is the plan I think. The label states that I shouldn’t be sipping because “life is uncertain”!


Lagunitas The Censored

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

4 thoughts on “Lagunitas The Censored”

  1. Great beer…little known fact – it’s actual name was “The Kronik” and that is why it is censored!

    Anyway, just picked up another highly touted Lagunitas brew, “Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale” that I am pretty excited to try. Look for the review this weekend!

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