Silvio Saturday – Rock Bottom Triple Review

Hello all. I’m posting this morning from my hotel room in Reno. It’s the last day of our visit and we’ll be on our way home in only a matter of hours. The weekend went by WAY too fast, but we had a blast. We met so many awesome people…expect a full week’s worth of posts about the weekend. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Silvio brings us another excellent set of beer reviews this week…

Rock Bottom Beer Menu

Two of the things I love most about my wife are how much she enjoys baseball and beer. Since her favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, made the playoffs we decided to combine the two and watch Friday night’s playoff game at Rock Bottom, a national brewery chain. Conspicuously housed in a suburban Northern Virginia mall, this place brews its own surprisingly good beer. Best of all, they sell growlers!

Rock Bottom Rocktoberfest

The first beer we tried was the Rocktoberfest, an Oktoberfest-style Marzen lager. The beer was brewed on September 16th, has a 6.2% ABV, and a deep red color. A sweet, nutty flavor dominates the taste. No malts or hops here, but well-balanced with a clean finish and a little bitterness. Overall, this is pretty darn enjoyable.

Rock Bottom Blue Line Pale Ale

Second up, we chose the Blue Line Pale Ale. I’ve had this brew before and really enjoy it. It was released on September 8th, with a 5.2% ABV. This is a classic American-style pale ale, very clear golden color. It’s a little bitter on the front, but a lot of sweet hoppiness in the middle and end. I also got some nice floral notes and hints of citrus. Best of all, the flavor really sticks around. As LIBA readers know, I love me some hops, and this brew hits the mark.

Rock Bottom El Jefe

Last beer I reviewed was the El Jefe Hefeweizen. It was brewed on August 17th, with a 5% ABV. I think the relative age of this brew contributed to its weird aroma – kind of sour, a little mildewey. The color is standard hefe – cloudy yellow hue with a nice white foam head. Fortunately, in contrast to the aroma, the taste is great. There’s tons of banana and cloves throughout the start and middle of the brew, but no real aftertaste or body. Still, the flavors at the top of the taste are incredible and this is a really good hefe.

By this point, age had caught up with your faithful reviewer and I was tired after another crazy work week. We decided to head home and catch the rest of the game (Giants lost, unfortunately) in our living room – but not before we grabbed a growler of Blue Line for the weekend. I’d say that big brown bottle has NFL-RedZone-Sunday written all over it. If you’re around one of their locations, I’d recommend checking out Rock Bottom for some great beer.


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