21st Amendment Back in Black

21st Amendment Back in Black

Just getting back from class. Started a new course last week – Business in Society…an ethics class. BLEH! Not hard. Barely interesting. Waste. of. time. Whatevs. At home now. Half day tomorrow. Beer in glass. ROCK!

I first had this back in black at CANFEST. I didn’t review it at the time, as I was off duty. I recall liking it, but remaining confused about why black IPAs are all the rage.

21st Amendment Back in Black

The beer has a sexy head. Fluffy and off white, almost tan. Smells hoppy – slightly citrusy.

Flavor is quite citrusy. Not like a grapefruit though. More orange actually. Beautifully balanced. The flavor of hops is HUGE, but none of the accompanying bitterness is there. There is very little detectable sweetness, which I find odd as well balanced usually means equal parts bitter and sweetness in my mind.

21st Amendment Back in Black

Although super dark in color and ringing up at 6.8% ABV, the beer goes down quick. Dangerously quick.

A fantastically unique beer. I recommend trying it.


21st Amendment Back in Black

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

4 thoughts on “21st Amendment Back in Black”

  1. Hey Josh. I did like this, but found it to be un-IPA like. I am trying to use its other name Cascadian Dark Ale from now on. I still have a few left at home, but beers from this brewery don’t make it all the way to S. FL. A friend brought back from Georgia.

  2. I have also wondered where all the black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale hoopla came from. I do love IPA’s and I do love dark roasty beers, but sometimes these don’t come together as well as one might hope. Anyway, I loved the aroma of the beer, but was a bit caught off guard as I drank it. I also remember really liking this at Canfest. My impression was that this was like two seperate beers in the fact that at first the beer is slightly sweet and roasty, but about half way through it completely drops this flavor and turns abruptly bitter with an odd sour flavor that stuck around. About an hour after I finished, I realized it was like un-sweetened grapefruit juice. All in all the beer was good and enjoyable, but the sudden shift in flavors seemed a bit much and a little tastebud confusing. I managed to track down a six pack, so I will have to try it again and see if the same flavors show up or try a couple at various temps.

    lechyd da!

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